Lizard Finds vol. 5

My life as of late has consisted of me trying to plan out a few months into the new year. I’m aiming to be more allergy-friendly [to me] this year, even more so because I read how helpful a nutrient-dense diet can really help a person. For example, teeth can regenerate…and certain foods (e.g. ginger and garlic) can cancel out molds. I drink ginger ale after eating [hard] cheese[1. Hard cheeses are better than soft cheeses for people with mold allergies and lactose intolerance, apparently?] and surprisingly don’t feel regret saddling onto my back.

Perhaps a nutrient-dense, allergen-friendly [rotation] diet will also allow me to go out to eat here and there and not have to worry about how crappy I’ll feel in the aftermath.

I’m also looking into a nutrient-dense diet because I’m allergic to most of the antibiotics on the market…I guess I gotta stay healthy somehow. Nuts, lactose, molds (e.g. milk, penicillium) and soy are popular ingredients in medicine. Ugh.

If anyone knows of a book talking about over-reactive immune systems and why they see allergens as a thread, please let me know! All I’ve been able to find within the past year is a $900 textbook, which makes me wary. I’m curious because I like to know the why and how of things a lot of the time. 🙂

Moving on, I kept up with this series on a monthly basis since May, only to drop the ball come September. I know I considered making another, but I thought, “I haven’t even been consistent yet, so what’s the point?” before not typing one up, and now it’s January. I started this post in November, but hadn’t come across many interesting/share-worthy posts.

How have you been lately?

The finds

  • Melissa Cassera is my new entrepreneur obsession. Her writing is super entertaining, extremely on point, and she offers up challenges that actually challenge my creativity (like her just-for-fun writing one). I’ve realised I’ve leveled “up” past a lot of the bloggers I’ve been following, and/or that they have changed their direction, so I needed someone new, yet challenging, to read. Melissa also has pop culture references, which I LOVE. She’s a screenwriter, though, which probably has something to do with it.
  • I don’t normally read Paul Jarvis, but the post in which he compares posting on others’ blogs to playing others’ games/on someone else’s playground is quite similar to the reason I try to use as few third-party software as possible.
  • HTTYD3’s release date has been pushed back to 2018. I’m disappointed, but I’m still looking forward to it. Possibly old news to you, but new news to me. First, it was 2016, then 2017, and now 2018. I just hope 2018 is the definite, concrete date/year now.
  • Lastly, update your footer. While I did update mine, it’s been dynamic. I just decided to add 2010- to the joint.

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I hope that you are able to do that and find a book that would be helpful with the topic. Textbooks are so crazy in their price sometimes and I can’t imagine paying $900 for one. X_X

That update your footer site is nifty. It reminds me I probably need to update the date on some sites. Thanks! :*