Lizard Finds vol. 6

I decided to switch up how I do my link love posts, because before, I was just…handing out a blob of things I found, which I felt didn’t have much of a theme, purpose or meaning to them. Everyone has different interests, and I browse the Internet a lot, and I’m trying to be more like myself, especially now that I’ve decided to have only one blog.

I considered making a link love post on ADOJ entitled “Lazy Links”, but…eh? “Lizard Finds” has a nice, unique ring to it, methinks. You’re not bound to find it elsewhere. :p

This post contains affiliate links. ‘Tis illegal for me not to mention it in the USA, soz. If you click a link, I might make a small compensation from it at no extra cost to you.

I’m obsessed with this song:

  1. Read: Seeing Ezra by Kerry Cohen, a mother of an autistic boy. It was interesting to read about certain autistic tendencies from an allistic person’s point of view. It’s quite rare for me to enjoy anything about autism, especially by parents raising autistic children, but…this one is a gem. It kept me distracted for four days.
  2. Eat: Snacks from all around the world, courtesy of MunchPak. It’s officially my all-time favorite subscription box, because #nutfree options. I get excited anytime I run into #nutfree foods, to be honest. I’m like a kid in the toy isle. :p
  3. Resolve: I’ve seen a lot of people complain about not getting the number of comments their hearts desire and their minds think equates to blogging success. Melissa Cassera wrote a superb blog post last year on the “Silent Obsessor”.
  4. Reuse: The rounded square-like earbud containers’ (from Dollar Tree) plastic cover doubles as a drink coaster. #ReduceReuseRecycle, no? (Not really a thing to distract you, but I dunno…they’re good, little plastic lids. >.<)
  5. Watch: Shadowhunters, a Freeform (formerly ABC Family) series based on The Mortal Instruments; and Recovery Road, a Freeform series about addiction, targeted toward teens.
  6. Chill: I received an adult coloring book for Christmas and am really enjoying it! I don’t have a ton of patience, so I don’t color in it a lot, but it’s something that helps pass the time. I have the Colorama “Color Me Happy” coloring book[1. LOL It’s listed on Goodreads.].

What not to do with your time: Bump your Owl Scentsy with your foot whilst it’s on and has wax. Of course, if you DO do that, and the wax is heavy on your skin, cold/lukewarm water hardens the wax more quickly than mere air does. There’s probz. safety concern about this, but this is what worked (and still works) for me, soz.~

Have you found anything cool/interesting/cute/etc. lately? c: How do you pass the time?

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Comments on this post

Never heard of Diplo, but it’s interesting. I find that I love a good book or video game whether it be Pokemon (which I am totally playing now), and taking pictures of my dog, Marley, and running her different Instagram accounts, as good ways to pass the time. Plus, I spend my time with dogs. <3

I hope you enjoy that colouring book! I think I may have mentioned this, but our work office has a ‘breakout room’ with colouring books and the lights are dim so you can relax as well.

I have to admit that the name Lizard Finds is very unique, I remember that I didn’t know what it meant at first. ?

Diplo’s work is amazing! Funny thing is that this song is in my spotify playlist XD. It kind of makes sense to have this song in Shadowhunters because of the lyrics, “… monsters in my head”. I’ve only watched 2 episodes of that show so far. It looks promising!

Sounds like you’re enjoying your time with all of these activities :D. I think it’s awesome how people try out all of the sub boxes. :-).

I found nothing cool lately… I’ve been pretty busy lately and there needs to be more time during the day! X’D

Yes, that’s probably why! They’re also using a few songs by Ruelle; my favorite is “Monster”. 😀 I’m all caught up…I’m mostly watching it for/because #Malec, heh.

I’m kinda done with sub boxes, to be honest. :s Coconut is the new quinoa, which means nuts are more present in them. It was/is fun discovering new brands closer to home, but I realised getting the box was pointless when I couldn’t enjoy anything from it. I can’t even enjoy jewelry/clothing boxes most of the time, because I’m allergic to metals and certain fabrics. #thestruggle