Liz Lately #25

I know I just posted one of these a few days ago, but the latest addition to this series was supposed to go up at least a week ago. The desktop obtained a mysterious virus, “mysterious” because I don’t know how and find it a little hard to figure out what happened by talking to someone who isn’t hip on computers. ?

Good news: I’m a little closer to a new laptop. I’m also still debating which to go with. It’ll be refurbished, because I’m fine with refurbished devices…I’m not someone who needs only new things. ? I’m mostly aiming for something for right now, and will worry about fancy newer things later. Priorities.~

Anyway, more so lately:

Smoothies & fruit-infused water

Grandmama has started showing interest in eating healthier, which is a perk for me because smoothie ingredients are filling the fridge. I mean, I’m requesting some things, too, but I really like eating junk food sporadically. Steamed veggies and baked veggies are the best. ?

I love fruit-infused water, because I drink a lot of water and often want a variety. I’m not big on those flavored powder mixes you pour into water bottles, then shake. They’re two sweet or taste processed, and processed has its own taste I didn’t notice until I cut a lot of processes things from my diet because of allergies.

I like smoothies because it’s an easy way to consume fruits and vegetables. I have a hard time with “leafy green” vegetables due to my allergies, and inability to handle certain tastes, smells and textures. For example, I can’t tolerate strawberries on their own. I can do strawberry cake or smoothies, but the flavor is too sour on its own and texture: two slimy and bumpy. ?


It’s so pedestrian, but: I started flossing twice a day. I used to do it out of obligation every now and then, but once I got into the habit, it became easier. I took on a bit of a routine, so now it takes thirty seconds flat, if I’m not distracted. I also feel better now that I’m eating less of the foods that make me feel shitty, either because of allergies or acid reflux or pure dislike. I’m trying to monitor my days more, because I’ve yet to read about an adult on one of these diets parents put their autistic kids on. I want to see why they think it reduces the symptoms, because autistics are just autistics. I have noticed in the past that I’m less irritated when I’m not eating foods that are incompatible with me, though. Like, I cut out milk for the most part, and I no longer feel like puking all the time…which results in me feeling less bloated and not having as many issues with certain outfits. But meh. We’ll see. I do feel more like myself. ?

I also painted my toenails a light, neutral shade of pink. ? It almost looks transparent.

And I got back into Pilates exercises from Blogilates (will link later). Eating well makes me feel hip and confident, and Pilates makes me feel badass. ??

So ‘sup with you?

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Comments on this post

Hooray for a being closer to a laptop!

It’s awesome that your Gran is up to more healthy foods. I’m glad that you’ll get to try all kinds of yummy smoothies. I love the taste of smoothies but I can never finish more than a few sips of one and I have no idea why.

Infused water is the absolute best. I stopped drinking sugary drinks almost 5 years ago because I wanted to lose some weight before my wedding and I never went back. You’re right too. Plain water can get a little boring so I start infusing. Cucumber and mint combo is my absolute fave!

Congrats on being one step closer to getting a laptop. There really isn’t anything wrong with refurbished devices.

I don’t think I have ever tried fruit-infused water. I have had smoothies before, of course, but never fruit infused water. It really pleases me whenever I see or hear of people wanting to eat healthier or are eating healthier.

Speaking of exercising, have you ever tried doing planks? My old doctor recommended me to do planks to help with my lower back.

Congrats on being closer to a new laptop! Hope you’ll find something that you’ll like :). I always think quality over quantity- so the higher price is worth the extra cost. There’s nothing wrong with refurbished devices. Sometimes, someone might have changed their mind because they didn’t like the way it looked or feel rather than a mechanical isuse. Fruit-infused water are the best! It’s cheaper to make at home and you get the bits of nutrients ;).

It’s good that you’re adding more routines for self-care :). I wasn’t fond of flossing before, but I also got into the habit of doing so. I have no regrets! Hurray for less bloating! I get the same effect whenever I drink Starbucks @___@… So I ask for soy milk sub instead.

Kudos to you on being healthier ๐Ÿ™‚ Fruit-infused water and smoothies are great! I need to drink more of the former. Good on you for doing pilates, too! Unfortunately, Blogilates and I did not mesh well, so I’ll stick to doing pilates in a group class or something.

Hope you’ll get a laptop soon! Nothing wrong with refurbished products as long as it works ๐Ÿ™‚ I tend to prefer new tech gadgets, but I used to buy secondhand gaming consoles and such from friends, and that worked out well, especially when it saved me money!