Liz Lately #27

Music videos

I used a music video in my last #LizLately post—I’m going to keep doing this. I like to listen to music (I mean, who doesn’t?), and I wanted a way to incorporate more of that into my blog. I don’t care to talk about music as much, though—especially since I’m not big on the artists who create the music, not usually. There is one that I love by Drake, but I’m not big on his music. I knew him as Jimmy from Degrassi, and I miss him as Aubrey Graham, because I loved the original “Next” generation.

I like a wide variety of music, typically not because of the words, but because of the type of sensory input they give. So Idunno, maybe this will be interesting going forward.

Inbox zero

My personal email is not completely empty, but I discovered in December I can archive emails in Gmail—so I did. I archived almost everything the third of January, save about five emails I would need for a little bit. This way, I can unsubscribe to the plethora of newsletters I’m subscribed to slowly. I’ve struggled to unsubscribe to them as they all come in, in the midst of all my other emails. I make use of Gmail’s tabs, but nevertheless: so many emails in each was overwhelming.

I look at it as a stepping stone towards minimalism.


Last year, I read one more book in the last sliver of 2016. This year, I’m challenging myself to read seventeen books. Thus far, I’ve read two!

I’m really enjoying it, to the point that I’ve been slacking major on watching movies. There hasn’t been anything on that I have wanted to pause reading my books for. I think right now I like the idea of reading numerous books, though there are some I have found that are helping me write certain complicated characters. I think I’m always going to have trouble writing overtly nice characters (ahem, Madeline), but I was struggling a lot with writing Darlings, which is in third person point-of-view, past tense, because having two girls interact with each other, no matter the context, was proving difficult.

Reading, for me, has become a new form of research for writing, a major special interest. Reading might be a minor special interest; I’m not sure yet.

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Comments on this post

I’ve recently started cleaning out my email, too! I had over two thousand emails in there when I started and I’m about down to four hundred. I still have got a long way to go in determining what I really need and how to best organize them, but it’s a start. I’ve been trying to really clean things up as one of my goals for this year, so it’s encouraging to see others do the same! I’m not sure I’ll ever get to inbox zero, or that I really want to, but if I could get down to like inbox fifty that’d be great lol ;P

I haven’t had a great start in reading in the new year yet, so kudos to you for already reading two! I challenged myself to read 52 this year, and I’ve done it the last three years so I’m hoping I can do it again! I’ve been playing a lot of video games though so I haven’t been reading as much as I should…

I like the song! I normally listen to alternative/Indie rock but I’ll listen to other things from time to time. I like all sorts of music.

I haven’t used Gmail in forever! I have an account but it’s mostly become my spam account and I hardly ever use it.

I hope you achieve your reading goal! I read a lot of different books for my studies but I don’t do a whole lot of “free” reading during the semester because of the kind of distraction it poses ?

Nice idea putting music videos in your posts. I love music, and will listen to anything that has a good beat. I love getting my inbox down to zero – it gives me so much joy.

Good luck with your reading goals!

I really like to archive. It makes it easier for me to keep track of the emails I either need for reference or don’t want to forget about. For a long time I would archive subscriptions, but have finally been unsubscribing instead.

Hope you can discover a lot of great books. 🙂

Archiving is a very handy feature that I use on Gmail a lot. Of course, I also delete quite often, too. I should go through what I’ve archived and also clean that up . . . one day. I do like a cleaner inbox. Mine’s not at zero, but it’s under 50, so that’s better than . . . say 12010828102.

I don’t use Gmail but I actually knew about the archive thing a while ago. I really didn’t like it. I actually use folders to organise my email, and I don’t use too many of them. When I am done with my emails I file them into the folders so I don’t really have a need for the “archive”. It feels like it’s hidden away rather than actually being organised. But I guess Gmail has labels, which work a little differently to folders.