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Ashley Tisdale does music sessions, and I was overjoyed to see this one. NOSTALGIA. And their first-ever duet. ♥


I fell into a slump last month. I’ve been experiencing many depressed thoughts and not been sleeping well. I’ve also had a bloody nose at least every other day, so anything requiring me to look down has been a bloody hassle.

To attempt countering this feeling, I delved into the fluffy habitat of a fuzzy, fleece blanket and reading manga and other comics.

I couldn’t do a lot because I stepped wrongly on my right foot, and my nose started bleeding every time I looked down for any longer than a minute. I don’t understand how losing blood can make me so exhausted, even if it’s just a tiny amount like nosebleeds. The body is a weird beast.

I have learned about myself as an autistic

I think it’s a good thing and will try to blog about it again, but I think learning more about myself in this department will help me to more self-aware, an element/skill I’ve found quite crucial to, well, life.

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*gives a kind, warm hug* I wish I had some sweet piece of advice or anything comforting to give, but all I can think of is a warm hug. 🙂 That fuzzy blanket habitat sounds lovely, too.

Losing blood, even a bit, might still lower your blood pressure, and that causes exhaustion. But depression could add to that, too. (At least in my experience, it did.)

The more you learn about yourself, the better you can manage all things life. ♥

Take care, Liz. ^_^