My Favorite Things: July 2015

My Favorite Things Linkup

My Favorite Things is a monthly blog linkup to share what you love, hosted by Raisa. I’ve been wanting to participate in this for a while, but 1) I left for Oklahoma last month and 2) I kept forgetting.

Porkchop ‘n Flatscreen

Porkchop ‘n Flatscreen (PCFS) is a web series by Emezie about teens attending some kind of ninja school. It’s cute, funny, kind of silent… Updates take a long while to come through, but Episode 8 of the series is due any day now. Below is Episode 1.

“Good For You” by Selena Gomez

She’s growing up so fast! Except… she isn’t. She’s just one year younger than me, but there’s something about watching people from my generation on television that makes them feel younger—like they’re never supposed to age. She’s come a long way, and I’m really proud of and happy for her.

Philly Swirl treats

Philly Swirl makes tasty Italian ice without peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, dairy, and gluten. It’s difficult to find icy treats that are allergen-friendly, and these babies have become my absolute favorites.


Diggy’s Adventure

I’ve been playing this off and on for a while… it takes a while to do some of the quests, because, though you can’t see it in the screen shot, there are actually logic puzzles in this game that are similar to other logic puzzles—Sudoku, Dominoes, Checkers and Tetris, for example—and you have to move stones into places. Like, there might be two paint splatters on tiles and two stone blocks off to the side, and you have to move those two stone blocks over each of the paint splatters to unlock a secret room. Otherwise, and at a glance, it looks like you’re just clearing squares from places and collecting materials. You have to actually think. Another puzzle, for example, consisted of math problems; a quest that I didn’t complete in time was basically a history lesson.

Diggy's Adventure screenshot (Level 47)

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Comments on this post

Omg, love Philly Swirls! My favourite flavours are Cotton Candy and Orange Cream. so good 😀

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I wish we have Philly swirls here. They look soo good! I just listened to Selena’s music video and liked it too!

Thank you for mentioning Porkchop ‘n Flatscreen! I am looking for more web animation series to watch on my free time and I think I’ve watched too much d0mics cartoons already its time to expand, haha.

On another note, if you haven’t seen d0mics (or is it domics with an O?), I highly suggest it. His videos are funny!

Philly Swirl looks delicious… but we don’t have that here. 🙁 Sad. Would love to have tried it.

Diggy’s Adventure looks like a lot of fun! I love puzzle games, so I think it’s gonna be right up my alley. 😀

Philly Swirl looks really good too. I was wondering why I’ve never heard of it, and from the Contact page, it looks like they’re based in Florida. I wonder how they came up with the name?

That ice pop looks so good. Mmmmm.

Diggy’s Adventure looks neat, but I’m not too big on puzzle games XD; Even with the Professor Layton’s games, I got fed up with the puzzles and just used a walkthrough to cheat on them because I wanted to get through the plot! The plot/character was more important to me, haha! ^^;

Good to see you doing MFT! 😀 It’s a fun linkup!

What an awesome idea! I actually have a draft saved doing something similar (somehow this became kinda self-contratulatory when I just called the idea ‘awesome’), except your list is much more concise (mine is ramblings, mostly).
The Italian ice looks delish, except I had a very bad experience with italian gluten-free ice-cream recently. Bad as in I totally got it at the wrong place and it tasted like shit. Unfortunately they don’t carry your brand here, or I would try it, but I will try it when I get back to NY! I’m sure the experience will be much better.

I am going to try those Philly Swirl bars, they look good!

They are good! I want to try the other kinds, too. They changed their cups up and added candy to the spoons, which I imagine is a unique flavor combination?

OH. And the “mystery flavor” is fruit punch. It was a contest, but in 2014… they need to update their packaging. >.>