October 2016 recap

The year is going by rather fast now, in hindsight, but in the moment everything feels so slow.

Highlights of October ?

I really slacked this month, but there are some things worth mentioning. ?

More writing done

I’ve drafted most of the conversations for Maddie Grace. I also decided on a title for the book, but it may be a series because

  • Maddie Grace focuses on life outside high school.
  • I have other characters who try to navigate life past eighteen.
  • The title applies to more than the few situations happening in Maddie Grace. It’s about life and the experience in/of high school unraveling—because of a sheltered childhood, naivete, ignorance. Like, I could at least fit Olive Dooley into it.

I also figured out the precise direction of the first series, and I know many budding authors are leaning into series right now, but I think book series help keep a story alive a little longer and allow you to get to know characters better. You can also cover more topics/themes, and as an aspiring author—and when I am an author—I want to write boundary- and rule-breaking stories. I want to give people a diverse set of characters and build on them. That’s my passion as a writer. I try to avoid it, and it pops back up at me. It’s of such heavy importance to me as someone who faced a lot of criticism and hardships growing up to write stories people can actually relate to.

The most terrifying part, however, is that the themes I enjoy writing about fictionally and educationally are controversial—ranging from autism being used as a scapegoat after a traumatic school event (thus alienating the autistic students, many of whom are main characters) to incest, classroom overcrowding, racism and more. And geez, did I mention they also have to figure out their lives, to an extent, from their sexuality to what it means to be, um, them?

If my characters were to come to life and meet me, I think they’d despise me. Madeline would be chill—it takes a lot to upset her—but the rest would literally think I’m out to ruin their lives. ?

So I’m excited

It’s SO GOOD to finally have actual direction with my writing. Before, I never would have actually considered creating and developing autistic leads. Wesley was mostly this character I loved, but I’d rather hold him near and dear to my heart because his backstory, as I developed it, wound up being depressing: his parents hired his butler, who keeps tabs on him and reports back to them; his parents also constantly try to get him to be “normal”. And autism doesn’t work that way. I want to keep him loved by the few who have read about him…and I don’t want to write his dark past.

But I’m fine with the kids’, because their stories are more externally-related to my own story, as I infused each with only a piece of my story/self. Writing too close to the heart makes it difficult for me to come away clean once I’m finished; it brings up too many emotions and leaves me triggered, which makes me irritable. ?

I’m still not used to Todd dying.

I’m just not. I removed Neko Atsume from my phone because of this. Because I couldn’t stand to look at virtual cats when I didn’t have my physical cat anymore. ???

I customised my WordPress login page. ??

A screenshot of my custom WP login screen; it matches my theme.

I really like it. I didn’t expect it to make a difference, but it does. The default WordPress style feels generic, because everyone has it. But customized? It’s homey-feely.

I just wanna make love to it. ??

November tidbits

My week has been busy thus far! But here’s the gist:

  • I have various projects I need to do.
  • I’m gonna start posting gift guides because new #specialinterest. ??
  • I have a wedding to attend. ??
  • I’m feeling ?? about my blog.
  • I’m going to try to do a theme for my Instagram account. I’ve seen other accounts with themes and admire that; having one all over the place isn’t doing it for me anymore. ? It just leaves me annoyed.

What does November look like for you? How was your October?

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[…] Last month, I customised my login page. I was feeling “blah” about blogging, as usual this time of the year. I’d intended to do it earlier this year, but hadn’t taken the time to do it…and also wanted to wait around for a new theme. A custom login page really makes a difference as far as the attitude goes. I mean, why login via a plain screen when you can do so in style? […]

[…] I did try a “theme” of sorts for my Instagram account. It was black-and-white, then colored, every other post. Screw it. The whole “theme” thing doesn’t fit a lifestyle. ? […]

[…] Last month, I customised my login page. I was feeling “blah” about blogging, as usual this time of the year. I’d intended to do it earlier this year, but hadn’t taken the time to do it…and also wanted to wait around for a new theme. A custom login page really makes a difference as far as the attitude goes. I mean, why login via a plain screen when you can do so in style? […]

I really, really, really love how you customized your WordPress front end page! Honestly, you should do a tutorial on it, if you haven’t already decided to do so?

Anyways, if you ever need a book cover artist, let me know. I’m free and have always wanted to have my art used as a book cover. I have offered many a times to other authors like Colleen Hoover, Lisa Renee Jones, and even my friend Rose Garcia but all the same answer “I’ll keep you in mind.” So, if you ever need a book cover (even if it is only an e-book), let me know! I’ll do it for free.

November, so far has been looking up for me. I really can’t complain.

If I don’t go with a publishing house, I’ve already got ideas for book covers. Artwork isn’t the realistic approach I’m going for. But Hoover, if I remember correctly, is with a pub house. I don’t know who the others are. Publishing house authors don’t get to choose who designs their covers or what goes on it. Plus, even if something is free, a price has to be put on it. Because there are professional contracts that must be in order and all that jazz. It goes beyond child’s play.

“Customise WP login CSS” is what I searched.

Ah, okay. Thanks for letting me know.

Glad to hear that you’re making progress with your story! Characters who goes through a lot comes out stronger as long as they don’t give up. I think it’s good to have a bit of yourself in your characters because you get to expand on them any way you want :). I feel you about Todd. My cats that died years ago still lingers around my feelings.

Your WordPress login page is cute! Love the color :).

Have fun this month!

Thanks! I wanted it to match my blog theme. ?

Hahahah omg your feels for your WordPress login page! It makes me want to clean mine up a bit 🙂

Sometimes I find it easy to write characters that are based on me, but it is so easy for people to judge my writing and realise that I reflect the main character or something like that. And that makes things a little more triggering sometimes. I think you have a very creative way of introducing pieces of yourself into each of your characters. I always tend to get stuck on the one character and make it a lot like me.

I did this when I was younger, and even a few years ago, but too many people like to find similarities and “read between the lines”, like there must be an ulterior motive for why so-and-so fictional character is doing blank.

I think the only character most like myself I am creating and developing is Liv, but on the other hand, she is also a polar opposite. The egos I’m creating obviously are like me, but it’s more of a vlog-like thing than a legit web series.

It’s really hard to separate completely, though.