On again/off again love and hate

It’s been a year since I purchased whatlizeats.com, and I’ve not done much with it. I guess the upside is that 1) I chose a name I have yet to hate and 2) domain age is this desired thing by SEO-extremists and supposedly helps build authority.

I feel quite “blah” about 6birds again, and I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to be in terms of blogging and what I’d like to do. At least once per year, I start to get annoyed with 6birds, and it’s usually around its birthday. I used to go on hiatus or try to power through the personal blogging burnout, but this year, not only do I want to put actual effort into What Liz Eats, I want it to become something I can do full-time. Not only do I need this for myself, I feel others need it as well. There’s got to be someone else out there with a ton of allergies like me, and finding allergy-friendly recipes isn’t easy. I’d like to have a cookbook soon that can benefit various peoples, but I can’t make that happen if I don’t devote more time into my food blog.

Some days I wish I had incorporated it into 6birds, but since I’d like to share my posts with my family, I didn’t want them snooping this blog. Though some posts and comment replies I’ve made on this domain are questionable in terms of my sanity and overall mindset, many are still good, and all are evidence of my growth over the years.

I’m not going to abandon this blog entirely, and I’ll still be me, I just want to be the me I’ve wanted to be for a long time: independent, self-sufficient, self-employed, and at least somewhat happy.

But making money blogging is this controversial topic in the community, so I’m hoping no one’s too bad or über disappointed in me. I’ve decided it’s probably one of the best routes I can take, because I’m capable of it, and I can’t handle the stress or circumstance of the workplace. I’ve tried, and I’ve also realized it’s not for me.

If it makes you feel any better, I doubt my family will be happy with the first name change I hope to either have happen, or be ready to happen, by next year. I’ve had a first name in mind for two years now, and I have a Twitter handle in mind for when I do get it. I could probably make it happen now, but in order to potentially increase my chances of my name change being granted, I need a lawyer; furthermore, I have to make sure all my debts are paid off before I change my name, as I could be putting myself at risk for identity fraud if I don’t… and I need to become okay with even the idea of visiting a courthouse. (And so many say it’s just easier if you hire a lawyer, because they can also help you send copies of your granted name change to all necessary parties (e.g. doctors’ offices, bank(s), Post Office, etc.).)

I don’t take great food photos right now, so I’m aware there’s not much I can do food porn-wise for my blog, but I’m hoping to invest in a DSLR soon. My camera was dropped by my cousin Charlise at the GFAF Expo. 😐 Awh.

I have a post that will be publishing on my birthday, but otherwise, I’ll be at What Liz Eats for a bit, trying my hardest to get in at least one post per week. I have recipes to make, try, etc., but it’s getting started that is the hardest part. Therefore, this is basically a static entry explaining my…hiatus? I don’t know what to call it.

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Comments on this post

I love What Liz Eats (especially your 1 minute honey nut cheerios!! So delicious…and less processed!!) and can’t wait to see what you do with the food blog. I personally think your photos you have up now are really nice! <3 As for your domain here, I had a similar ID crisis with Curls (I think I talked to you about it), and I think it's a normal blogger thing. We spent so much time and put so much energy into our blogs it's almost natural to get sick of them!

I wish you lots of luck with What Liz Eats! I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic. I’ve always agreed with the idea that you blog for you and no one else. Do what makes you happy 🙂

Good luck saving for a DSLR! I’m trying to save for a new one so I can be even more adventurous with pictures, but they’re so darn expensive.


I found DSLR cameras on eBay recently, and I’m sort of leaning toward one of those to at least be able to just get started with one again. Much cheaper, even if it’s used, and can help me until I can save for a totally new one. :3 Good luck to you, too!

Good luck with your endeavours with “What Liz Eats”. I think you should totally go for having a food blog for those who have a lot of food allergies. It’d be a good resource. And yeah, I can’t get my photos to come out food porny . . . I just don’t have a real good eye for photography, so that’s why I’m not investing in a DSLR camera. But I’m sure you have better photo skills than I! ^^