2021 OUT // 2022 IN.

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This was the year of red flags 🚩 for me.

I tore my life down and built something new.

I learned to set boundaries.

I moved into my first apartment. I didn’t get evicted.

I read the fine print.

I learned to cook and have some staple go-to recipes, like potato soup and bean tortilla soup, but I also burnt myself out on them.

I read 1.5 books of the 20ish I purchased this year. I never unpacked my pre-existing collection. I never viewed this apartment as home. I did try, but I ultimately couldn’t get into anything. Instead, I binged a lot of TV and TikTok.

I came face-to-face with my perfectionism and how it affects the people around me.

I also realized my tendency to be “extra” is viewed as too much or excessiveness by other people. Men don’t get called extra; they’re called ambitious — so why am I too much? Except…I’m not! I’m great!

I did a lot of things, made a lot of decisions, received my settlement money from 2019’s car accident

Best 6 posts of the year

Of all the posts I published this year, these six are the ones I want to highlight:

  1. Dissociative identity disorder is about unique identities, not fluctuating personalities – There is no such thing as “multiple personality disorder”.
  2. Figuring who I am outside of work, family and life admin is tough, but crucial to my personal development.
  3. How to layer backgrounds in CSS is my favorite CSS discovery.
  4. No one is an adult. No one.
  5. The “I’m Not Like Other Girls” trope conditions female-identifying individuals to compete with each other.
  6. Touch aversion is valid and should be respected, regardless of the reason. Why are we so offended over what is essentially entitlement that we have been conditioned to believe we have in regard to touching other people just because we want to?

2022 in.

Woman staring at mirror with lips parted, holding up phone
I can’t talk right now; I’m doing autistic burnout shit.

A few intentions/projects for this year:

I’m rejoining the Book Blog Discussion Challenge. I am keen to set a reading goal, but don’t want to pressure myself.

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