The Art Museum

Mirrored masterpieces,
Painted or drawn;
Splattered sketches,
By brush or by hand;
Sentimental showcases,
Sparkling with glass;
Intelligent imaginations,
Sailing on the clouds;
Credited characters,
Entitled to their designers;
Sculpted subjects,
Colored or plain;
Priceless photography,
Of excellence and meaningful truisms;
History and treasure —
Locked away for public the next day.

Written in 2007.

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I was a teacher for over a year a few years ago for a preschool. I taught computers, english, math, the basic stuff.

Nice poem 🙂 I last went to the Tate Modern in London as far as art museums go. I like visiting galleries but I don’t always have the time and I have to like what I’m looking for.

Very nice poem, I haven’t been to an art museum since I was a teacher, but you’ve captured what they are and made me miss them.

When were you a teacher, for what grade did you teach, how long did you teach, and what did you teach? I am currently in college studying to become a teacher. 🙂

Hmm. I’ve always heard about art museums, but I’ve never actually been to one.

I merely wrote what I hoped they would be like.

:love: O.O /please /blush

Poetry. <3 I like it, especially the simplicity and the beautiful words you've sued. In 2007, you'd be what, 15? Its very impressive. /exclaim

Yesterday your site didn't load, and I was very worried. :O 🙁 I remember how your servers/hosts often have problems. Thank God its here today!

Hah. I worry a lot. Its one of my inherent talents. My mum says I'll get white hair if I continue worrying like this. I already have one. 🙁 /please

Why don't you want to use WP for your portfolio? /ask


WordPress is too bulky for a simple domain collective. Sorry for putting “portfolio” – I meant collective. 🙁 I’d rather have something simple and use .php files. I also believe that it would/will take up much less space than installing WordPress would. I mean, if you think about it, there are all the plugins I would have to install. It would also take up a MySQL database, and though I do have an unlimited amount, it would be an unnecessary MySQL database being used. Make sense?

Close!! I would be 16! 😛 My birthday is March 26, and this upcoming Saturday I will be 20. 😉

That is what I think about when I go to art museums. I like art and (to not sound conceited) I am fairly good at it too. That is what I think about when I view the artwork. I believe the simplicity of the sentences make it work. Nice job.

and yea I like knowing that he is there. It gives me comfort. I hope I can have many friends that I can fully trust and love. I only have two but when I move on in the future I want more! lol and ahh I need to check out that plugin lol. It seems really cool. and mhm we had a good day yesterday and today. The weather was like above 60-70ish. It was so nice. I was at my friends house and we took a walk lol

This is a nice poem! I really suck at poetry and really wish I could write it. I probably could if I cared enough though. XD

Ooh, well I’m not sure how my site would look on mobile, but you should check it out on a full screen to get the full view. (: I like .info’s sometimes too, but as far as my domain name goes, I think it flows better with .net anyways. 😉

I love it! The words paint a beautiful image all its own! Nicely written! 🙂

I wouldn’t have been able to tell you wrote this such a long time ago. It seemed so simplistic and wise. My favourite line is “Sparkling with glass”. When I look at what I wrote in 2007 it looks a mess. I think it was probably just as simple as this piece here. Now I put a lot more thought into my poetry.

I thought about having a twin but I like being myself, I don’t think I’d want to have someone who looks similar to me. I am sure there are advantages since most twins are close and grow up together with the same interests and all, but I’m glad things turned out how they are. 😛

I miss the art museum here in Raleigh. I haven’t been since I was like eleven or twelve. They had a lot of great things to do along with looking at all the great artwork. I should see about going sometime soon.

Nice bit of poetry! I like how it’s simple. Sometimes overly complicated poetry just give me a headache! coughs ELIOT.