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Todd looks very regal in that photo! I wish I had a cat like that =]

lovely site btw =]

Ooh, pretty tree! I seen that black thing in the middle and was wondering what the heck it was; after taking a closer look, I realized it was a cat. XD I love cats. <3

I’m sure that tree is really pretty once it has all of it’s leaves on it. I hate looking at trees when they are all branches.

Looks like a pretty cool tree. I wish I had my own tree somewhere. And my own cat! /please

No, I had my songs backed up, just not my library. All the data is gone so I have to add them all and go from scratch. My laptop has a microphone and a webcam built-in. The quality isn’t fantastic but at least it works. 🙂 I have an external hard drive which is where I put all my files.

Aww I would love to see a closer shot of him in the tree. 🙂

Oh I see what you mean. Ages ago I didn’t have an anti-virus so it was pretty annoying when I got a lot of them on my old computer and now it’s pretty much corrupted. XD Oh well, I don’t use it that much anymore.

Hello Liz! I absolutely love your website. (: I also quite enjoy the idea of wordless Wednesday; the picture looks great! Your cat is precious.

@Juniper, Thanks! 🙂 Ahahh. I saw a few of my friends do it after I thought of something similar, so I did that. xD

Is that cat Todd, or is someone else named Todd? Sorry I guess wordless Wednesday has me confused.

@Sean, It’s alright; Todd is my cat. xD

Haha he looks like the Lion King perched up there! That is so cute! Nice photo!

I have not seen a cat climb a tree before. Aww….

@Stephanie, Yeah, he recently learned how, I’m guessing. Ahahh.


I went visiting and enjoyed your photos. I really liked the angles and the green garden bench/swing? and I liked the reflection on the water and those are a just a few that stood out for me. Oh, I forgot I liked the Time stopped pictures…they were cool.

I also liked the ones of Todd in his tree. He does look a lot like my cat. She’s also a tabby.

Great job at these photos:~)

Thats actually a really good picture. I want my own tree also. 🙂

That’s such a beautiful tree. <333 I love the title of the post. Also I added you as a contact on Flickr, you don't have to return the favour or anything because my posts are all of roses for my Thousand Roses project.

Oh that's great. 🙂 You have your blogs all set for the next few weeks – I take it you're going to relax and take your mind off things (at least, online things)? My mum is pretty annoyed at me going on the computer all the time and I'll admit I'm on the computer a LOT. But I'd hate to blog less often. I've always been annoyed in the past when she's stopped me from blogging. 😐

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