Random little things about me

I actually started writing this last winter, and I try to keep one post open so there’s something to comment on, so meh. Here we go.

I’ve been busyish lately.

  • I keep “thank you” cards on hand.
  • I like my own space.
  • I like having things that can’t easily be found elsewhere.
  • I love the seclusion of rural areas but not the creepy rural areas or the small towns where everyone knows each other’s business.
  • I like to add a playful side to serious things; sometimes it’s a bad thing.
  • Funerals are awkward for me instead of emotional events.
  • I over analyze and think everything โ€”ย every action every move. I also pay close attention to my surroundings.
  • Going off the previous one, if I can’t read you I’ll most likely feel intimidated and scared of what your future actions will be.
  • I don’t like to be pushed. If you don’t leave me alone after I tell you I’m stressed/can’t take it anymore, you’ll literally have me in tears with my knees to my chest terrified of you. I hate that. Don’t push me/my buttons. Just don’t. Let things go.
  • I’m one of those annoyingly need-for-preciseness people that use facts and statistics to back things up. My dad is like that, so I guess that’s who I get it from.

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I know what you mean about over-anaylising — it’s sometimes so annoying because you know it doesn’t make sense but you can’t stop it. Eeek!

I had a packet of thank you cards bought for me, but I forget I have them and end up buying another one when I need one. Then I get irritated that I forgot. Haha. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And own space. Own space! It’s a necessity. I’m about to move into a flat with a bunch of people for the first time, and I have no idea how to balance that out. I’m a bit of a recluse actually; I love my own time and sitting alone doing not much.

So I feel you on most of these points xD

I too like to be funny in serious situations but that’s only when my dear ones are in trouble, so just to make their mood lighter, I tend to joke or comment in a optimistic way.
But in reality I’m very emotional and sensitive types and can’t hold back tears.
I doubt there would be any movie wherein I haven’t cried watching it :p
Btw, the “thank you” card concept is really good! Thumbs up on that ๐Ÿ˜‰

I admit I love the seclusion of rural areas too … in fact sometimes I wish I lived in a creepy town where everybody knows everyone’s business ha. I think I’ve been watching too many horror movies. Maybe I’m just suited for city life.

I think over analyzing is a tiring thing and I try not to do it, because chances are the people you are analyzing don’t care at all. The other day I had a convo with my friend who said people are always going to judge but it will be fleeting, so there’s no need to analyze it. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I use stats to back things up I’ll get called a geek. And if I don’t, I’ll be asked for proof. Can’t win against people!

Some of your random little things are my random little things too! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m somewhat the whole “need statistics and facts to back things up.” My side is that I tend to not believe other people unless they have statistics and facts… there’s just too much nonsense out there for me to think anything’s true w/o supporting evidence!

I’d love to know what are some things you have that can’t be found anywhere! I wish I could take to collecting unique things but I always feel like all my things need to be uniform. Unique just won’t cut it there, ahah ๐Ÿ˜›

XD Yes. And if someone screws up the number, I have to correct it, because it has the ability to completely change everything they said. :p

I’ve thought about making a post on those things… perhaps I could? I did a lot of First Monday shopping as a kid, and I’ve been to a lot of thrift shops in the past with people, and I just picked up little things from there. (I’ve also received unique-ish gifts and things.) Maybe I can start a “Things in My Room” series. xD

Those are a few interesting things…

I like having my own space as well. It helps me calm down and relax. It also gives me a place to work on my websites in peace. I can’t seem to concentrate when I work on them in a common area like a living room or dining room. I get too distracted by everything else that is going on.
Lucky I remembered your URL cause Disqus doesn’t have profiles. & My GMail doesn’t seem to mark my Disqus emails as spam when I receive them… idk if I am lucky or you were talking about using Bloggr or some other commenting system.

Good for you for not ordering. ๐Ÿ™‚ TS3 was too much fun. It is ridiculously hilarious even to this day. While the graphics aren’t like TS4, they are still A LOT better than the original which makes it somewhat more enjoyable to play. (at least for me).

Wow. That is ridiculous. I just purchased Insaniquarium and SimCity (latest version) with 2 15% discount codes that EA gave me. I have yet to actually try SimCity but I have always loved Insaniquarium. LOL Stupid but so much fun!

Disqus does have profiles. o.o You click the names, and mini profiles pop up. :p

I get a lot of my games through Big Fish Games; they have Insaniquarium Deluxe, as well as the other games I enjoy (e.g. the Farm Frenzy series, Virtual Villagers, etc.).

I don’t think over-analyzing is always bad. I am the same way. In fact, I find that the spontaneous don’t-think-just-do-it people often turn to us whenever one of their crazy actions gets them into trouble.

I keep thank you cards on hand as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ I also agree with the funeral thing. Funerals for me are emotional, but they’re awkward too because Keith works in the cemetery industry so I know too much…

What’s been going on? What’s been keeping you busy ?:)

c: Speaking of snail mail-related things, I owe you a letter. I just lack stamps and haven’t been to the post office in forever.

1) I’m moving the Better Blogger Network to a self-hosted space until I can get it on XenForo, where it will stay, and where it will also take a turn, or a zig…;)
2) I enjoy blogging about blogging and whatnot, and I’ve been working on this post-wise for quite a while: I’m in the process of opening a business-related blog about blogging and whatnot. I want to teach people how to be self-hosted/manage their sites on their own without having having to pay tons of money all the time for little fixes. I feel like it could help many people. That, PLUS my introversion aspects, I think will allow introverts and others to still receive help they need, as so many people want to have consults over the phone, Skype, or G+, and for Aspies, having written communication is so much easier.
3) I’m working on What Liz Eats. /cookie
4) Life ๐Ÿ˜