With the exception of the pesky game notifications on Facebook, the social media network has been less annoying than usual. Of course, this could be the result of school starting up again — kids are on less (therefore less junk), parents are in the back-to-school rush that always happens (more concerned with their kids again), etc.

It’s nice.

It’s quiet.

I have been looking for a self-hosted and free alternative to Ning for temporary Better Blogger Network housing, because XenForo is costly right now, and Ning ate a ton of my money. 🙁 I don’t know why I didn’t just do this before. I mean, I’ve the space for it, so why pay $24.95/mo. for hosting, especially when I despise the host itself? So pointless, I’m aware, and I’m working on getting a grasp on that — on standing up for myself and saying, “I can do this.” — because I can, it’s just taken me a while to gain that confidence.

MyBB to XenForo has the best seamless importation structure; Ning to phpBB has the best importation method. I’m not looking forward to phpBB to MyBB, or to MyBB + WordPress, but I’m dealing. I’ve chosen to choose my battles wisely throughout this, and I know I can do it, it’s just… eh, it’s a big hassle I don’t want to do, yet I’m doing it to save money, time, and sanity. I would have had to go from Ning to phpBB to MyBB, anyway, to get to XenForo in the end. phpBB to XenForo is… eh. phpBB has pretty old code, and the support for it is stale.

All these lettered platforms gave me a headache, though. (In case you were wondering.)

I’ve not yet decided if I want to make tutorials on how to do all the conversions/imports/whatever, because would they even be worth it? It’s hard to find help on doing it, but I’m not sure the annoyance and frustration would be worth it, so I’m still considering whether I should or not. The tutorials wouldn’t go on 6birds, however — I’m creating a blog development- and coding-related blog where all that stuff will go on (so I can talk about it to my heart’s content). I figure having a blog for the blog-related posts will allow me to keep 6birds the way I want it (a personal blog), as well as to blog about my life as I do things I will hopefully do when I do them/my life gets more exciting…

Lately, my life has been utterly boring. I suppose the most excitement happening lately with me is creating character collages on Polyvore and posting them to my Tumblr, and finding health/allergy food-related blogs and magazines to contribute to. The latter has sort of made me question What Liz Eats a bit, especially since I found a few I could be a regular contributor on. I winded up deciding to continue on with the plans for What Liz Eats, as I could become a regular and just continue doing both. It could be fun, and it’d continue the original idea of guest posting on food blogs/magazines: finding others with allergies and intolerances to grab their attention. 😡

Anyways, I’m off to enjoy some Mexican food. :3

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I’m glad I don’t get as many game notifications on Facebook anymore after blocking a bunch of them *_*. You have the resources for hosting, I’m guessing it’s in the matter of finding that software to operate on, right right? AND YES, YOU CAN DO THIS!! Slow and steady wins the race :D.

Whether the tutorials are worth it or not, it’s a resource someone will be really thankful for if they want to switch out of ning. Aside from all of that, good luck with all of your projects :D. Fun stuff, yes yes. That’s practically me with trying to find stuff for my private board on Pinterest.

Have fun eating them Mexican food!

I hate having to change hosting or platforms or anything else. I’ll admit I’ve put up with some pretty crappy hosting in the past just because I dread making the move. It’s so much hassle, and you’re right, there isn’t a lot out there about the process. Hope BBN makes a smooth transition to its new home and is up and running again soon!