To the readers of my blog 😘


A lot happened this year—in the blogosphere, in the world, in everywhere.

In the midst of everything, I realized something I’ve dreamt about one day being “worthy” of doing, but haven’t. I haven’t done it, because in me lies a feeling of guilt that I, for whatever reason, haven’t any right to do it. My critics will criticize even further—but I, as a reader myself, value them even more when bloggers whose blogs I love and read regularly do the same.

It’s this:

Thanks for reading my blog

It is because of the people I have met through blogging that I have developed a better understanding of the world around me—that there are different cultures and people struggle differently. Before I began blogging, my mind was super closed up. I was prejudice because I stayed in a bubble. It was not only harmful to others, but harmful to me as well.

‘Tis my readers who ground me, who help me remember that, yeah, my blog is about me, but it’s not just about me. Practice makes better, but feedback makes best. It took me a long while to become comfortable receiving constructive criticism in a way that is not personal, but on a helpful level—to not feel like I’m constantly being personally attacked. I’m grateful for those who stayed during that time, for those who’ve seen me at my worst.

Whereas I once compared myself to everyone within my vicinity, I try to be better than the person I was yesterday—and it helps. I did at one time, in those early days of this blog, think myself better than everyone; but deep down, I thought myself worse than everyone. But I’ve since learned the only person I can compare against myself is myself, because everyone is different. Of course I’m going to think myself shitty when I pit myself against someone else. It’s a journey, but I’m working on it.

I also want to thank the peeps who have purchased things via my [few] affiliate links from this blog (or perhaps when it was Seldom do I discuss my homelife hereon my blog, because I don’t know what is even going to happen until it happens. I did have money troubles this year, though, and…even though I don’t make much from it, it does help me fund bits of my life—like paying for my cell phone, which comes in handy when I’m out (agoraphobia) because it means I don’t have to face law enforcement (policophobia) or touch someone else’s/a public phone (mysophobia). Also! to buy free-from foods. I’ve been much less sick this year because I’ve been consuming better stuff. 😊

Love, Jane. 🤗

It’s worth noting I have a bit of a cold and am tired at the time of recording this. 🤧 (I should be sleeping, but am rushing to finish stuff I need to do.) 🤔 I suppose my stutter and speech errors (malapropisms, for example) are totes obvi in the audio, but I wanted to give you guys some kind of gift. 🎁 A recording of my voice has been requested in the past…sorry it’s taken me several years to finally get around to it. 😅

Also! Please excuse my dear self for not saying 2017; I wrote this post last year.

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It is lovely when people do take the time to read your blog. Nothing like the e-mail I get saying someone commented! Its so nice to thank your readers!

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It is, but it’s also about the ones who have been there, the connections I’ve made these last several years, and the lurkers who come back again and again even if they don’t leave anything. 😊

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🙂 The progress you are making is wonderful. I loved reading and listening to this post. Hearing your voice was a great surprise.

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Ah, thanks! 😅 I may do more things like this in the future. It’s weird to me, but it seems a lot of people like and appreciate it. 💖

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I swear this is the first time I’ve heard your voice for more than a couple of seconds! I’m glad blogging exposed you to different perspectives and you had a wholesome experience with it. Always aim for the betterment of yourself, little steps make a big difference and I’ve seen a lot of progression out of you over the years. Hope you’ll continue to grow from the experiences you’ll create as the future comes!

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I always try to use as little audio in my Instagram posts. 😅 More often than not, I mute it. XD It’s so weird for me because I’m so much more used to sharing written words. I got so comfortable with it over time, but feel a lot of ~shame~ regarding my verbal voice. 😳

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Good one, Jane. I can’t help but compare myself to others especially about blogging. But I will learn to let that go soon.

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Hey Gayathri. 🙂 Ah 🤔 It’s really hard when it comes to blogging + comparisons. It took me several years to stop comparing to others in that department. Looking back at when I did, it all feels so silly now—but what I learned from doing it and not doing it now is priceless, and perhaps a little worth it. So even if you do, it’s not a complete waste of time in hindsight.

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Hi Jane!

I can’t believe this is the first time I think that I’m writing a comment on your blog? (Do correct me if I’m wrong!) I listened to your recording and really enjoyed it, thank you for giving a little gift to your blogging friends. 😀 Totally unrelated: I love your accent!

I really related to this post because I’m exactly the same with my own blog, I’m so glad that I opened it those years ago and continued it for years and made the best friends off of it. I am so thankful for these meaningful relationships I have built upon that isn’t restricted on location. I’ve learnt so much from other bloggers – on their travels, lifestyle and POV of the world. I am really thankful!

Thanks so much for making me aware of this again! I hope you have a wonderful 2018 😀

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I think it’s great that blogging has such an impact on you! You said that you always compared yourself to other people’s journeys. I do that too but I’m slowly trying to appreciate more than compare. I love getting to read about other people’s lives and the different perspectives they have on life. Good for you!

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