Review: Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

I received a full-sized bottle of the titular product to try in exchange for a review.Photo of titular product

I’ve used Maple Holistics’ Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for one week short of two months now, and I’ve got a handle on it. I wanted to use it longer than once or twice to give it an adequate trial run, and then I got busy because of the Expo and holiday. 😅


The scent is only overpowering upon the first opening and use, but it’s fine after a while. I can really smell the lavender and rosemary, which is a bit relaxing. I shower at night because it’s better than rubbing my face all up in allergens (and I’m a germaphobe who prefers going to bed clean…), so I like to use soaps that are relaxing, too. I normally use VO5’s plain orange one, which has a moderate fragrance, or Suave’s Rosemary + Mint, so the scent of Maple Holistics’ Tea Tree Oil Shampoo was not far off from my typical hair care regime.


My hair feels lighter. I recently learned my hair is not thick, but thin, so I started treating it like thin hair, and it stopped feeling so oily and clobbered down with product. When I first started using the tea tree oil shampoo, though, my hair was light, but…it tangled. I used my typical conditioner (VO5 normal), and it was fine. It feels like its usual light, carefree self. I did look around and find there is a companion conditioner to go with this shampoo, so it’s possible to go #alltheway with Maple Holistics.


I like how Maple Holistics is an all-natural company, but I didn’t see all of the ingredients listed on the website, so I wasn’t expecting so much coconut oil. A flaw on my part was overlooking argan oil. I broke out on my back, despite washing my hair first and then going over my body with soap (I usually wash my hair and body at the same time, thus taking an efficient shower within 15 minutes; I’m quite prideful about it). Since I only recently realized the origin of the breakout, I’ll continue using it until I’m finished with it.

Overall thoughts

Avoiding coconut in shampoo is difficult, but I have been able to make do with one that doesn’t contain so much coconut. I do wish the website listed all the ingredients, because it’d be easier for people like me who need to know specifically what goes into the products they use. I like how products are natural and cruelty-free, as well as how they’re safe for color. Shampoos that aren’t safe for color tend to dull my hair. Though it’s not dyed, I have noticed it has a natural red tint and like to bring that out (I use honey sometimes).

Despite the technical difficulties in terms of my personal sensitivities, I did enjoy using this and reached for it more than I did my usual shampoo.~

Maple Holistics has a cool free sample promotion for peeps happening right now, until 30th December, 2017. Standard full-sized product is sent as a sample, and samples are limited to one per household. Free shipping applies to USA only.

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It would be good if all the ingredients were listed so you knew exactly what you were using. I am glad that you enjoyed using it. 🙂

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