Saturday Six #3

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Disappointingly, I am already slacking with this series, but…I’m not sweating over it. Stuff happens. I don’t live that flat-lay lifestyle. September was a really busy month for me, and I wanted to post other things instead—so I did. Because I can. Because this is my blog, because life is spontaneous and doesn’t always adhere to a strict schedule, no matter how hard we plan for it to.

I learned that after I created a reading schedule for myself. Instead of spending two weeks reading 20-25-page chunks of the first book, I finished two books within 1 week.

Oddly, though, this post fits a week late into my Google calendar, which I’d made for shits and giggles.

The six points (’cause I went well over six links)

Cute WIP cartoon series:

My latest obsession is Allison Fallon. I love her posts on why we should write our story, women and confidence, and the trap of a manipulator (which includes different types of manipulators).

Experience speaks louder, in most cases. For example, I’m more likely to hire someone to design my site who creates quality themes more than the person always sharing about their certifications. It doesn’t matter if you’re certified; it matters if you’re experienced. The person actually out there doing what they say they do and letting the work speak for themselves? That’s better.

I’m happy to have surrounded myself with/by people who don’t make me feel shitty when drama ensues or someone tries to drag me down. I have so much more love in my life and energy when I’m not wasting my likable on the wrong people…and I have confidence. I feel unfuckwithable.

I’m looking for everyday people doing cool(ish) things. I’m also looking for cool(ish) jobs/careers/passions, whom I’ll then look for myself. If you know anyone, or know someone who inspires another, or are looking for someone in your dream field/doing your passion, read my interview series page for more info. Then email me.

Cole Sprouse may play an asexual on The CW’s Riverdale.

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Comments on this post

Ah, this looks like such an interesting feature! But don’t worry about not doing it all of the time. Blogging is a flexible thing, I think. <3

I definitely agree with you on certifications vs. actual experience. Anyone can have the same certifications, but true experience is another thing entirely. I have a hard time letting people design for me, though, even though my design skills are subpar. I always feel like I'm too pushy about what I want and that I make too many (irritating) requests. Sometimes it's just easier to figure out how to do things on my own. D:

Congrats on associating with people that are similar to you! I've found that doing this is both good and bad. I've lost many good friends in doing this, but in the end I'm happier with the people that currently surround me. So I suppose it's a bit of a double-edged sword, but the results are good in the long run.

Your "cool people" interview feature looks rad. <3 I'm excited to see you include more people!

The great thing about blogging is that there’s always a “next time” when it comes to posting things :). I love the time we live in today because of technology. I think I would’ve enjoyed watching Obituary or other cartoons on YouTube if it was around back then.

Experience definitely speaks louder than whatever certifications people have. Just because someone went through classes and did well enough to pass doesn’t mean they can produce some pro stuff. All they have is the theory/concept behind whatever they’re certified in. At the same time, someone who’s hollering that they’re doing something for years doesn’t mean they’re a pro at it either. I’ve seen people who claim to have designed stuff for so many years and their work looks like garbage.

I like to associate with people who are into similar things (like earning their way up in life). Stay cool ;).

Stay hip ??