100+ affirmations for healing from abuse & toxic relationships

Last year, I began saying affirmations. I stopped saying them because narcissistic people in my life ridiculed and gaslit me, and…well…I started believing them because I thought I deserved their abuse.

I used to dismiss affirmations because I thought they were of the toxic mindset culture and ableist. Toxic affirmations do exist, and I can simply choose to ignore them.

Lately, I’ve been finding myself gravitate back to affirmations. Did you know research illustrates self-affirmation is good for our brains? Affirmations are one of the best ways to rewire a traumatized brain and correct the lies of abuse.

watercolor book open to brush lettering basics, says JOY in watercolor

Of course, there are other benefits to self-affirmations.

Sometimes, I go over affirmations with my nieces, using Pinterest graphics like flashcards. I noticed my four-year-old niece would have less angry or sad outbursts each day I went over the affirmations. Probably because they help build confidence and become the words a child hears in their head — I’d rather that than any criticism.

Reminders to myself now

  1. I know my truth.
  2. They aren’t doctors, and they don’t know anything about my health. Doctors can’t treat their family, anyway.
  3. I’m not obligated to explain myself to anyone.
  4. I am worthy of wealth and success.
  5. I am capable, deserving and worthy of all love, success and prosperity that flows into my life.
  6. I am deserving of unlimited love, bliss and blessings.
  7. I love who I am becoming.
  8. I am valuable and deserve happiness.
  9. I choose to attract positive energy today.
  10. I trust myself to know what is best for me.
  11. I am grateful for the new opportunities today brings.
  12. Today could be the best day of my life.
  13. I add value to the world.
  14. I will make a positive difference in my life today.
  15. I release self-criticism and choose to love myself.
  16. Today, I am prepared to do one thing to create a life I love.
  17. Today, I will be gentle with myself.
  18. Today’s possibilities are endless.
  19. My strength is greater than my fears.
  20. I bring light to those around me.
  21. I allow myself to be happy in this moment.
  22. I am co-creating with the universe.
  23. I embrace my insecurities, because they are what makes me unique.
  24. I will live today with purpose and passion.
  25. Everyday, I am evolving, growing and becoming more of the person I want to be.
  26. I am full of potential and have so much to offer the world.
  27. I feel confident using my voice and being bold.
  28. I am not what people say I am behind my back.
  29. I am not what or who other people decide I am.
  30. My perspective, story and experience matter.
  31. I am not whomever I look like to someone else, including my parents.
  32. I am worthy of patience, kindness and respect.
  33. I discover new levels of inner confidence everyday.
  34. I am aligned with my inner self.
  35. I am confident, strong and successful.
  36. I have achieved many things in my life.
  37. I attract great opportunities.
  38. I love and respect myself.
  39. I forgive myself for my past mistakes.
  40. I am loving and patient with myself.
  41. I deserve to be happy.
  42. I am worthy as I am.
  43. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone.
  44. My feelings are valid.
  45. I support myself.
  46. I am whole and complete.
  47. I am capable of all I desire.
  48. I am safe and supported.
  49. I love my body, because it allows me to experience the world around me.
  50. I am thankful for how much I’ve grown.
  51. I am far stronger than I realize.
  52. Everything I want wants me more.
  53. I am on my way to becoming my favorite version of myself.
  54. I will not worry about things I cannot control.
  55. I cannot change what has already happened.
  56. I will survive, and this feeling will fade even though it feels painful right now.
  57. I am grounded, centered and stable.
  58. I will not stress over that which I cannot change.
  59. I am an energy giver, not an energy taker.
  60. I am not a burden.
  61. My feelings are allowed to exist as they do.
  62. My anxiety and stress do not define me.
  63. I choose to think positive thoughts.
  64. I define who I am.
  65. I have the power to control my emotions.
  66. I choose to believe in myself.
  67. I am strong, capable and resilient.
  68. My body is beautiful, exactly the way it is.
  69. I am enough.
  70. I choose to feel good about myself.
  71. Calm is my superpower.
  72. I am adequate for all situations.
  73. I choose to see the world through eyes of love and acceptance.
  74. I release my worst case scenario thinking.
  75. My life gets more fabulous every single day.
  76. I move through life knowing I am safe.
  77. I am not my negative thoughts or inner self-critic.
  78. I free myself from fear of the unknown.
  79. I am surrounded by grace and peace.
  80. My peace is more important.
  81. I can have everything I want in life.
  82. I am worthy of the compliments I receive.
  83. I inhale peace and exhale worry.
  84. This feeling is temporary.
  85. My contributions are valued and appreciated.
  86. I can assert myself and stand up for myself and others.
  87. I radiate light.
  88. I deserve everything good that comes my way.
  89. I can assert myself and stand up for myself and others.
  90. My boundaries are not selfish; they are selfless, and I am worthy and deserving of having them.
  91. I am beautiful; I am the prize.
  92. I choose peace over perfection.
  93. I am worthy of love and affection.
  94. I accept others as they are; in turn, they accept me as I am.
  95. I am not attention-seeking; I am connection-seeking.
  96. I am intelligent and driven.
  97. I am at peace with my past.
  98. I do not care what other people think of me.
  99. I am aware of my worth; I will not settle for less.
  100. I am free to love, know peace and bring joy.
  101. I am capable of acting with intention.
  102. My anger does not define me.
  103. I believe in and love the person I am becoming.
  104. I am capable of maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships.
  105. I am mentally and emotionally well.
  106. I am inspirational; I am a leader.
  107. I am unique and important.
  108. I am destined for greatness.
  109. I am proud of myself.
  110. I am loving.
  111. I am kind.
  112. All is well.
  113. I love myself.
  114. I am allowed to live life the way I want.
  115. I am allowed to create my own priorities.
  116. I am allowed to have boundaries.
  117. I am allowed to be the person I want to be.
  118. I am allowed to feel my feelings.
  119. I am allowed to eat.
  120. I am allowed to enjoy life.
  121. I am unapologetically me.

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