Sips by: May 2021 teas

Sips by box displaying teas, soft glow behindI used to think I hated tea, but it turns out southern United States just doesn’t know how to do tea beyond dirty water. Or maybe it’s an American problem. Whatever the case, I feel as though tea challenges me to remember to slow down, and enjoy life and the flavors it has to offer. My first Sips by Box introduced me to loose leaf teas.

This post contains affiliate links & I’ll be compensated for the referral. Descriptions of teas are from the personalized card that arrived in my Sips by box.

🫖 Each Sips by Box contains four teas, ultimately making 16 cuppas — $1/cup.

☕ Caribbean Crush Sips by DAVIDsTEA

Cafeine-free. Dreaming of palm trees and soft white sand? Escape to paradise with this tropical fruit infusion that has all the vibrant, crowd-pleasing flavors of a perfect summer fruit punch. @davidstea

Ohmygosh, this is darling! It reminds me of Twinnings Lemon & Ginger Cold Infusion, but with a rounded flavor instead of one that is bland over time.

Ingredients: apple, pineapple, papaya, hibiscus, cranberries, artificial (strawberry, cream, red fruit) flavoring

DAVIDsTEA Caribbean Crush tastes more like juice than tea — and sooo wonderful when cold. I daresay letting it steep in warm water until cool, then putting it in the fridge, makes it even stronger and better.

I received sachets, but the full-size version is loose. There aren’t any leaves — rather, it’s hibiscus petals and dried fruit bits. I never would have thought to add fruit bits with petals, but this combo works.

What is “cream” supposed to taste like?

🍵 Jasmine Green Sips by Choice Organics

Low caffeine. Choice Organics Jasmine Green tea is floral and fragrant. This blend is a perfect balance of green tea infused with the beauty and splendor of jasmine flowers. @choiceorganicsproducts

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified green tea scented with organic jasmine blossoms

Floral teas have a history of seldom pleasing me, because they’re on the subtle side.

I wasn’t feeling this jasmine green tea — too light on the flavors, probably because jasmine is a lighter scent. I eat jasmine rice, so I expected to like this tea, but there was little to no floral flavoring here. I could smell it, but that’s all.

☕ Love Sips by PUKKA

Caffeine-free. This organic blend is made with love, dedicated to love, and called Love. How lovely is that? It will soothe your soul and warm your heart. Relax with a cup of Love. @pukkaherbsus

If love had a scent, it would smell like this!

Ingredients: chamomile, limeflower, elderflower, marigold, licorice, rose, lavender

I put trying this tea off until I’d tried all the others, because I was nervous. Quite pretentious to call your tea “Love” or a cup of Love, no? And how can one even put love into a flavor? Or a smell?

But it works…it smells slightly like candy, invokes the memory of ah, yes, I am so, so gay for me personally. I don’t know how it works, but it does. The taste is lovely. I let it steep longer than recommended to get the full flavor.

I did try it for a second brew, but it’s not that great.

🍵 African Sunrise Green Tea Sips by Churchill’s Fine Teas

Caffeine-free. This versatile blend of fruit and floral flavors can be used to make a variety of drinks. Aside from a traditional hot brew, African Sunrise makes a great iced tea. @churchillsteas

I actually loved this one!

Ingredients: sencha green tea, raspberry, lemon, rose

It smells wonderful, yet questionable, when in its dried state. Brewed, the scent lingers, but it’s not so bad. The flavor is strong enough to please this court.~

I drank this nearly nonstop when my throat hurt after some run-in with a nut-related allergen that I can’t quite pinpoint the origin of beyond my cousin’s house, and it really helped.


Sips by box displaying teas, close up overhead

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