I’m not that way, either.

Guy 1: Ma’am! Hey! Can you help us?

Me: Me?

Guy 1: Yeah, or one of you. Any of you.

Me: Okay, what’s up?

Guy 1: Okay. Can you tell my friend how he looks in some shorts?

Me: Uhm…

Guy 1: See, he needs new shorts and wants to know how he looks. I would do it, but I can’t really do it because I’m not that way, you know?

Me: Oh.

Guy 1: Yeah.

Me: …I’m not that way, either.

Guy 1: 😳

Guy 2: Oh, damn.

Guy in question:

Guy 1: Thanks, anyway.


Not to mention they were minors. Still funny, though.

Happened today, wanted to share. Now to decontaminate myself.

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