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I was invited by Georgie and Kya (thanks!) to do this, so here it goes! Also, I don’t do well with keeping things short. >.>


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 facts about you
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers you’ve recently discovered or followed recently


This is my attempt at coming up with things I’ve never shared before, because I don’t wanna be repetitive. :s

  1. My cousin Shane and I are close like siblings; though he’s younger, he feels a lot like an older brother at times. We have a special blond/relationship, and hearing he told his girlfriend that shortly after he graduated high school made me feel really good; I struggle with determining whether feelings are mutual in all my relationships—which makes it difficult when I’m determining who is my friend and who’s just being nice, etc.—so this confirmed my feelings. :3
  2. I’m a former model. I don’t talk about it much. I’ve considered revealing it a few times and have drafted posts saved, but there is a stigma that comes with it. In the past, people have judged me to the point of bullying and harassment. If they’re not proud of me, they’re really disappointed, like, “Why would you set yourself up for that? You’re too smart for that!” as if modeling is no more than standing before a camera and having your photo taken. It can actually build confidence, though. If you have an adequately unique and versatile look, people will be interested, and to be wanted can be a cool feeling. I didn’t want to be seen as one less, because the industry can also be harmful and detrimental to one’s health just as much as it can be lifting—thus I didn’t want the stigma placed on me once again. But I’m at the point where I don’t care, and it kind of hurts when I see people insulting fashion bloggers’ modeling who are actually really good at modeling, in whatever way the insults are made, because all I can think is, “Do you feel that way about all models?” It doesn’t help that I’ve been wanting to a) get back into it or b) start doing (bi)weekly-to-monthly fashion features in the near future. “Once a model, always a model”, no?
  3. Sometimes I feel guilty because I’m in a safe environment, but 3/5 of my siblings are not.
  4. Red pandas are one of my favorite animals. I really love them. They’re like a combination of a racoon and a panda, and why are they so freaking cute?
  5. I really like watching bad movies, even if I feel they’re a waste of time, because everyone deserves a chance. There’s someone out there who created a bad movie because it was their passion, and since I’ve weird interests, I feel like I may be one of the few who like it. I don’t know. I mean, I thought Napoleon Dynamite was pretty good, but that took some adjusting to. Bad movies just need to be seen in a different light sometimes…unless they can’t be and they’re just bad, in which case…eh.
  6. I’m extremely self-conscious about TJG. My family knows of it. I just feel like, when I post, everyone’s going to be judging me. Oddly, I don’t feel that with 6birds.
  7. I’ve formed an addition to this game that may or may not be called “Flood It”, or something similar to it, on my phone and also known as “the pixel game”. As a result, “infiltrate” has become my new favorite word, and I’ll use it wherever I can.


If you wanna do this, go for it. If not, you don’t have to. Leaving the stuffs in the comments also works. ^^; Alphabetical order because I have to alphabetize my lists because OCD’s a bitch.

  1. Amanda
  2. Amy
  3. Becca
  4. Cat
  5. Christine
  6. Kya
  7. Jessica
  8. Kristine
  9. Liv
  10. Louise
  11. Marina
  12. Michelle
  13. Nancy
  14. Tara
  15. Tiffany

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Comments on this post

A guilty pleasure of mine is bad made-for-television movies. Particularly those from the 1990s and early to mid-2000s.

Oh, wow! I never knew that you were a model before! I think that is so cool – I’d be really interested in some of your experiences because I’ve never known anyone that’s been a model. I think you should totally go for doing the fashion posts!

Thanks for the nomination!! I will have to bookmark this and come back and do it when I have some more time! I loved reading these facts about you!

That is great that you have a close relationship with your cousin, he sounds like he feels the same way that he told his girlfriend that. 🙂

I never knew that you modelled. It would be good for confidence, and if you are doing it because it’s something that you like. I would love to see fashion posts. 😀

That would be difficult that you know there are some family that you know are not in a safe environment. It’s great that you were able to get out, hopefully they can too. *hug*

I tend to watch some ‘bad movies’ sometimes as well. A lot of horror movies can be ‘bad’. But I like watching them anyway. Sometimes I even get a laugh out of them. Then you have the ones that do surprise you and turn out to be a ‘good bad movie’. xD

TJG is really great. It’s probably because you really care about it a lot and have put some much energy and love into it. 😀

That’s great that you have a cousin you’re so close to! I have a couple like that, too, who I consider a couple of my closest friends.

Ooh, that’s neat that you’re a former model. I didn’t know that. I feel like people who insult models should give it a try themselves. It’s really not as easy as it looks. Just because someone models doesn’t mean they aren’t also smart. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

I love red pandas too! When it comes to bad movies, I like ones that are so bad that they’re good… if that makes any sense, haha. I actually enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite, and it’s so quote-able.

I thought it was interesting to read your facts, and thanks for nominating me!

I just posted my facts a few days ago (and ended up nominating you, haha). I think that’s really awesome that you’re sharing some “new” facts with us this time around. I don’t see why others would need to judge you for being a model. It’s 1) really not any of their business what you’ve done in your life and 2) not their place to judge. But…this is the Internet. I agree with you 100%. Modeling can build a lot of confidence and I would love to see some more fashion related posts featuring you. As for TJG, I’m loving it! I think you’re really making some amazing strides for those who have allergies. The niche for that type of blog is small, and you’re the one leading the revolution (at least in my opinion!!)

I love thinking of new facts too because I don’t want to write the same old stuff. I also find it more interesting to read other people’s. In particular I found yours super interesting!

I’m sorry you were reluctant to reveal that you are a former model. I think there definitely is a stigma around it. It used to be my dream, so in fact I really like that you were one, and I wouldn’t have ever judged you for that. It was one of my dreams to become one but it was near impossible because no one noticed me because of my height. I had people tell me I had the looks to be one, while other people thought that I was ‘too pretty’ to be one, as if I was too good. :/ There is too much judgement around models. But I would love to hear about your experience having been one.

I guess people are bound to insult all the time. 🙁

I love red pandas too! They are so cute. I have never seen a racoon in real life, though.

I like watching bad movies as well. I also don’t watch many movies, so I tend to give everything a chance. I just need someone to sit me down and make me watch a movie. After I get over that initial hurdle, then I will watch. Sometimes I am on the couch after dinner and I end up watching what was a 2/5 star movie but I think it’s OK. I think it broadens my horizons even just a tiny bit, because I don’t just want to be that person who only watches Hollywood box office hits.