Traffic Report: September 2022

I am going to start tracking and sharing the traffic I receive to Autistic Jane. I love reading traffic and income reports, but I don’t love the constant rambling. As someone who doesn’t play by the low volume keyword rules, I do quite well in search and want to start explaining/describing/etc. how.

Really, I just find it all fascinating. I’ll stop making these once they stop being fun.

September 2022 traffic

Google’s Helpful Content update worked in my favor…then, I changed my domain name, so my traffic and rankings have been wonky. Lesson: Don’t change your domain name right after the summer slump and a search engine update.

Sessions vs page views

Mediavine and some brands prefer sessions over page views, so I monitor both. I don’t know if I will apply for Mediavine in the future, but I’ve been considering due to the events of this past year. (It would require me to clean up my blog quite a bit, though.)

Google Analytics stats with graphs

[Image description: 3,031 users; 2,960 new users; 3,672 sessions; 1.21 sessions per user; 4,970 pageviews; 1.35 pages/session; 1min 13s average session diration; 85.95% bounce rate]

Bounce rate

A high bounce rate is common when you change your domain, but also: My bounce rate increased from 67 percent to 85 percent after I changed my domain to last year. I’m hoping it will cool down once the move completes in Google Site Console. It takes about six months, so that’s going to be a while.

A gigantic 83.9 percent of my traffic comes from search. The keywords I currently rank for are all related to dissociative identity disorder or autism, and the only people who really appreciates those posts are autistic or systems. There are so many haters that I’m beginning to think they dominate these searches.

Three percent of my traffic comes from redirects, the top two being two different sites I’ve guest posted on!

Popular posts & ranking keywords

I currently rank for a lot of DID keywords, but I’m burnt out on the topic so it frustrates me. I’ve considered opening up guest posts on my blog to DIDTok, for exposure for the both of us, but then I’ll just rank for it even more.

Here’s the caveat to all of the traffic mentioned above and why my site’s rankings bug me to bits: My post on DID alter roles receives at least 2100 pageviews per month, 1900 of those being unique, spending 7.5 minutes on the page on average with an 88 percent bounce rate.

It irks me. I’m glad my posts are helpful to people, but I want see a different list now. 😅

Key things to note from this month

  • I didn’t update AJ much this month. I wrote and scheduled posts earlier in the month, which allowed me to focus less on my blog and more on other things.
  • Social media promotion went kaput. I usually tweet my new posts, but I didn’t like the Revive Old Posts plugin. I didn’t set Jetpack Social up until a few weeks after changing my domain name.
  • I contributed ~10 posts to CRT, a site I write for regularly. It’s exhausting to run both my blog and to write for other people, but I do contributing to other sites in general.

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