Sims 4 Guide: Choosing toddler traits

I have played so many toddler Sims that I once went through every. single. TS4 toddler trait in one household. So I know a thing or two about Sims 4 toddler traits.

Theo, a toddler Sim, throws a tantrum by stomping his feet in front of his mother, Sage
Theo (Wild) threw loads of tantrums

Regular traits


“Idyllic, easygoing Toddlers. They are never defiant and they don’t throw a tantrum. They can easily talk to strangers.”

Angelic toddlers may not throw tantrums, but they do get fussy when their needs dip yellow.

I find Angelic toddlers’ needs less likely to be met by other Sims because they don’t throw tantrums or cry much.

If you want an “easy” Sim toddler, opt for the Independent trait instead.


“These Toddlers love to socialize. They earn Communication skill faster, and don’t suffer Stranger Danger from strangers. They can Share the Love with other Sims.”

Charming toddlers seek to fill their Attention need by talking to any Sim nearby.

However, their Attention need decays faster because they love socializing and tend to lose relationship points if they don’t talk to someone on the daily.


“These shy Toddlers avoid Sims outside the household and get sad if left behind. They gain extra skill when taught. And they recover faster from bad moods when Comforted.”

Clingy toddlers fuss and throw tantrums more. The Attention need decays faster, too. They learn skills slower than other toddler traits and have more bad moods.

Even when comforted, they’ll get bad mood buffs when put down.

There is a baby carrier mod for infants and toddlers (though I haven’t tried it yet) that might make this trait more doable.


“Tiny trouble-makers who love to Cry, cause trouble, and Throw Fits. But being noticed makes them Happy and helps them overcome negative Moodlets.”

Fussy toddlers are fussy (obviously) — over everything. Their Attention need decays faster.

Fussy toddlers are most likely to smash the dollhouse, causing other children to cry. I had a Fussy toddler who smashed the dollhouse, then cried to someone to fix it — then smashed it again.

Might wanna consider the baby carrier mod for this trait as well. I haven’t tried it, but it’s applicable to infants and toddlers. Teen Sims and older can wear babies.


“These Toddlers love their freedom, and don’t like to take orders from caregivers. They gain extra skill when they are left alone, and need less Attention than other Toddlers.”

Independent toddlers teach themselves skills. They prefer to learn on their own and get frustrated when presented with flash cards.

They will also tell other Sims if they’re hungry or want a bath.

While Independent toddlers don’t need as much Attention, they do begin to feel lonely if their caregivers — especially their parents — haven’t spent time with them in a while.


“Curious explorers. These Toddlers gain Thinking skill slightly faster. They are happiest when learning something, and sad if they haven’t learned anything lately.”

Inquisitive toddlers get negative moodlets once they max their skills, because they haven’t learned anything lately.

I think they’re only fun to play when I’m playing the regular/default short lifespan, so I haven’t played Inquisitive toddlers in a while.


“Goofy and curious. These Toddlers love to tell jokes and get Playful. They earn Imagination skill slightly faster.”

Silly toddlers are adorable, though they do need more Attention from being so playful.

I only give my toddlers the Silly trait if they have infant, toddler or child siblings so they’ll have Sims to play with.


“Spirited and full of Energy. These Toddlers love to explore and get Energized. They earn Movement skill slightly faster. They get sad if they haven’t been outside in a while.”

Wild toddlers are the cutest toddlers, in my opinion. They can rough house with older Sims, though they’re also easily annoyed.

You’re more likely to catch a Wild toddler running around without clothes on than you are with any other toddler trait. Wild toddlers are also prone to smashing the dollhouse and throwing tantrums for random reasons.

Toddler skill reward traits

Toddlers can earn reward traits after increasing their skills and building secure (green) relationships with other Sims.

These bonus traits stay with Sims throughout their Simhood, which means they can receive positive moodlets in adulthood from these traits.

There’s been a bug since Patch 132 causing toddler Sims not to receive the trait when they age up to Child. Sometimes, the trait appears later. Sometimes, I manually give a toddler the trait if I maxed out their skill or they were a happy toddler.

Happy Toddler

“This Sim got a good jump on skills as a toddler. This helps them gain all skills a bit faster.”

Toddler Sims must have four toddler skills at level 3 when they become a child and secure relationships with their primary caregivers.

Top-Notch Toddler

This Sim got such a strong jump on skills as a toddler, they improve all other skills extra fast.

Toddler Sims must have four toddler skills at level 5 when they become a child.

My favorite Sims 4 toddler traits

I have two favorite TS4 toddler traits:

  • Independent: Best for big families or overwhelmed parents. Allows my stay-at-home parent to spend more time writing books, painting and gardening to keep the Household Funds afloat.
  • Wild: Entertaining, generally speaking. Toddlers with this trait do super adorable things more randomly, allowing for cuter interactions with their siblings and caregivers.

After playing through all of the toddler traits, the Independent and Wild traits give me more variety — regardless of the family dynamics.

I just installed the Toddler Traits Pack mod, so I’m excited to try those the next time there’s a toddler in the family.~

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