Who are you?

Quite frankly, I have no idea where this poem came from, nor why I’m having feelings that aren’t numbness, so just read and enjoy it, and don’t get cheesy. It popped up and seemed to work well.

Poetry I’ve written in the past had meaning and structure… This piece lacks a definite meaning, and there is no particular structure. I wrote it on the 20th May 2014. I learned how annoying coding non-breaking spaces into WordPress posts is. -.-

Tell me,
  what is your essence?
The thing that
  defines you —
     that makes you —
  and shapes you,
  and determines you;
The thing that
  portrays you,
  and tells you,
  and reveals you?
Because really,
  what ticks you,
  and what breaks you?
  What makes you burst into flames
    and stomp paper airplanes?
  What makes you cry
    and wish you never met my name?
  What stings your skin
    and wishes you never let me in?
  What thoughts wash upon your mind
    and linger in vines?
  What is the thing
    you think you do best?
  What is the lie
    you thought you got away with?
  What is the truth
    you wish to do?
  What is the change
    you’d like to make?
  Who is the soul
    you’d love to break?
  What is the sweet
    you absolutely cannot stand,
  And what is the reason
    you wish to hold my hand?

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