2014 Photo Bucket List

It feels like eons have passed since I last took out my camera and just played with it. I have photographed people and food, but I haven’t taken pictures of anything I love to take pictures of just because. Taking pictures and living in the city isn’t the same as taking them in the country, where you can find all sorts of things that wouldn’t belong elsewhere. That is what makes photography for me. I can’t find leaf-shaped bugs or spiky caterpillars here, nor can I find a cornucopia of miscellaneous objects to wonder about.

…there are also no animals that will let me take pictures of them.

Instagram is probably the worst variable in my dilemma as well.

Thus, I’m starting an annual thing. xD

The last two digits in the designated year will determine the number of things to take pictures of… Hopefully it will get easier as the numbers grow to accomplish this. ~

2014’s to-photograph list

  1. Annual Butterfly Festival[1. I feel compelled to continue my tradition-like behavior, seeing as I attended the 2012 and 2013 events.]
  2. Todd
  3. A tree
  4. Cookie
  5. Birds
  6. 6
  7. A sign
  8. 8
  9. Upside down
  10. Sideways
  11. Animals
  12. Triangular
  13. Pairs
  14. Lines

…and for a theme: elements.

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Comments on this post

Seems like a simple list to accomplish, so I wish you the best of luck to get your list done. I mean, realistically one trip around town will probably get that list finished!

This is a really great idea though, Liz! I must commend you for coming up with a list of things to photograph because photography is either really planned or very sudden, so it’s nice to give yourself assignments which only a photography class would otherwise ask of the amateur photographer.

As for animals, I’m sure you already know that because squirrels & birds move really quickly, you’ll need a really fast camera with a fast shutter speed to get those babies!

What elements will you be incorporating into these photos? Light? Fire? Water? Earth? How exciting! 500px.com is a great photography community that can definitely help inspire you too. 🙂

As for Instagram, I went through a major deletion phase in which I just deleted every single photo I thought was hideous, poorly lit, or just inferior quality so I find it actually challenging to frame my photos with a 1:1 ratio. You should try to implement a theme for your instagram too. For example, lots of food instagrams like minimal photos or photos with tons of negative space. Others like filling the frame, etc. Many go for a light & airy feel.


I don’t have a fancy camera, but my camera does take photos quickly enough to capture quick subjects. It captures animals/movement quite well without turning out fully crappy. 😀

I use 500px, but I don’t have a premium membership. I agree about the inspiration, though. 😀 For the elements, I’m still considering that. 😀

I delete photos from Instagram sometimes for that exact reason. I haven’t thought about putting in a theme or anything, as most of the pictures on it are just my lazy self taking photos. (That, and my phone’s camera sucks.)

Very creative list! I would never come up with a list like yours, not to mention fulfilling it ^^; Good luck with taking all pictures /cookie

I loved your butterfly festival pictures from the past year! They were so gorgeous. I’m not really a great photographer, but I try to take the time with my actual camera rather than my phone. Nice goal, Liz!

Having moved from the countryside to a city I can totally relate to your problem. I also find that when you take pictures in the city that you are often taking the same pictures as everyone else, such as architecture and things like that. In the country you have to be a little more creative.

Good luck with your photo bucket list for this year. 🙂

I find it hard to take pictures of animals because every time I see a perfect moment, I lag on getting the camera out to take a picture since they love to move so frequently. Your idea of your photo bucket list is genius! This is the first time I heard of this kind of bucket list. (creative +1). Good luck with taking all of these pictures :D. I remembered your Annual Butterfly Festival pictures! — Well one in particular was where a butterfly was on someone’s hair 😛