What the Peep?

Last week I learned SunButter isn’t exactly like peanut butter. Peanut butter is creamier — maybe because it’s ‘processed’ with preservatives and whatnot? SunButter is more dense, therefore, things I once made with peanut butter don’t necessarily come out the same way as it would when using SunButter.

…or perhaps it’s not SunButter’s fault; maybe it’s the non-fat dairy-free milk alternative I purchased and tried. Yeah… that was a waste. >.>

It just didn’t mix well, and the allergy-free powdered milk made it taste really gross once it was all finished. Definite fail.

I tried and tried with the honey, but ugh. It just didn’t work. /;

…that reminds me! Hi, honey! 😉


For my birthday, my dad and Kim got me Peeps. I still have a ton left over, and I wondered what they’d be like in s’mores, so I tried it. It took a few times for me to realize how to make it work, but now I know. c: I don’t have a picture of it, but you have to make two s’mores at once to successfully use a Peep to make s’mores. 😀

Yellow Peep S'more

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Liz, I wonder- Have you tried rice milk? I know you’re allergic to a lot of things so I’m not sure if rice would be something you’re allergic to.

But we’ve recently taken up on making our own rice milk at home. A blender, two cups of water, half a cup of rice (preferably brown rice that’s soaked overnight but microwaved / already made rice works too), a dash or two of salt, and sweetened with just about anything (maple syrup, vanilla, nutmeg, etc).

It’s way less expensive than milk and any of the other alternatives out there. I’ve never tried sunbutter, what’s it taste like? 😮

I also meant to say two cups of water or extra, if it’s too thick. Whoops.

I have a carton to try, but I still have some soy milk left.

The milk used in this was merely the dry form; it doesn’t get made into actual milk.

I’m wanting to make sunflower seed milk sometime because there are some things I can do with the sunflower seed “pulp”. xD

SunButter tastes like sunflower seeds in butter form… It can also be made via a blender/food processor by blending it until it’s a buttery finish. I may eventually do that as well, since buying SunButter in bulk (i.e. 5lb container) makes me feel compelled to use it by X date when I don’t eat it 24/7 (because eating peanut butter/other nuts 24/7 is what caused my nut allergies), and I could just make it as needed.

Peep s’mores? Now that I’d like to try at some point. I’d assume the taste’s about the same, but it’s the idea of eating peeps. Did you burn it with fire first? That brings out the crispy, burnt flavor that campers enjoy with regular marshmallow s’mores. Now I want to go camping again.

…no. I made it in the microwave. :p I can’t make a fire here in the city.

Oh no!! That recipe looked so awesome, too! I just had a cookie dough protein ball fail. My recipe tasted like chalk and toenails, haha!!

What about using liquid non-dairy? Perhaps rice milk? Or even sunflower milk to keep the integrity of the flavor?

I don’t think that would make it the same. They’re supposed to be a similar consistency to granola bars, and I imagine liquid milk would make it change its form. I’m gonna try to make it again with wheat germ instead of oatmeal and with regular dry milk. The DariFree milk had a scent/taste to it that was more like candy, and the powder was finer, like flour. I’m pretty sure that’s where most of the problem is.

…in other news, I think I am developing an oat allergy. 😐 UGH.

I am not sure if I’ve ever tried SunButter, and I am not sure if I want to. I once tried apple butter, and that turned out to be pretty disgusting X___X;; So since then I’ve been wary about non-traditional “butters”.

And Peeps s’mores? That’s an adorable idea! I am not big on s’mores, but that’s something I can do with the kids I work with! 😀

If you like sunflower seeds, you’re likely to favor sunflower seed butter… I think the biggest difference is that there are no preservatives. It’s also healthier than peanut butter. 😀

…and I recently learned I messed up one ingredient in the recipe. 😡 Oatmeal was supposed to be wheat germ, which kinda changes the substance a bit and the part of the flavor, as it’s supposed to balance out the dry milk. 😡 OOPS.