Easter It Was

Of all the Easter Sundays I’ve been a part of (twenty-three, by the way), I’ve never ‘celebrated’ it by going to an Italian restaurant.

I’m used to being a part of Easter celebrations consisting of miniature versions of Thanksgiving dinner, egg hunting and colorful decorations on the table.

Instead, we ate at an Italian restaurant with some family.

I got to see Ruby and Ezra because my dad and Kim were there; Ezra sat with me a lot. 😀


I was allergic to the entire menu, so I decided it I had to pick a route: CHEESE or TOMATO.

I ordered the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, and it was PERFECT. I ate like twenty fork fulls[1. Well, the noodles kept falling off, and I cut pieces, and ugh. Frustrating.] before the affect of the garlic bread and olive oil dipping paired with some lovely bread and the cheese kicked in. And then I was okay-ish, but then it was really kicking in super quickly, and meh. -.-

Allergies suck, but I did have leftovers, so I can safely pair my leftovers with an allergy tablet if needed.

How was yours? /ididnttakepicturesofthefood

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Comments on this post

It sounds like you had a fun, interesting Easter…and I adore Fettuccini Alfredo (with or without chicken and broccoli). 😀 Most people I know can’t stand broccoli, but it’s one of my favorite vegetables. Anyhow, I’m glad that you had a good Easter and mine was completely boring, uneventful.

Ah! I’m so sorry that you couldn’t enjoy anything (at least fully anyway…) Italian food is so delicious, but it has so many ingredients that people are allergic to. 🙁 You might have to re-create an allergy friendly version of alfredo. 🙂

We tried to veganize it with cauliflower and it didn’t come out too swell.

For my Easter, I had vegetarian lasagna and everyone else had prime rib (I’m not a fan…I had a tiny bite though), and potatoes and veggies. We also had Italian Ham Pie!

Yum! I love Fettuccini Alfredo (without chicken). I used to order everywhere we went that had it on the menu so now I try to other things. Out Easter was quiet; we bbq’d and the kids had fun looking for eggs.

I love Italian food and it sounds like it was a great time for you! So sorry about your allergies but you seemed to enjoy your food any way lol.

My husband’s family was over and I cooked a big meal. I could have done without his family though. They are draining.

Easter it was indeed! Your post made me smile a lot for some reason. 🙂 It also reminds me of the time I ordered chicken fettuccine without the chicken, cos, you know, I don’t eat chicken. :’D The waiter repeated the order and he was all cool; in fact, he seemed really proud that he had someone order in such a manner. XD

I suppose my Easter was not-so-bad!

It sounds like you had an interesting Easter, sometimes it’s nice to have a change I guess, it’s a shame about your allergies though 🙁