25 and hungry

As of today, I’m twenty-five years old. Because of how bad I am at adjusting to a new age, I began telling myself I’m twenty-five in January—not that that takes away from the weirdness.

When I was in middle school, I was playing MASH with friends and trying to please family by promising to find an adequate suitor by age 24, whom I’d marry by 26 and have a child with by age 27. To not have followed through with any of those promises—and to not be bothered by it—is also a really weird feeling, especially since so many young adults and people my age are either already married, engaged to be married (typically with a one-year or less engagement), married and divorced, and/or with a couple kids under their roofs.

Today, I’m officially twenty-five years old, and I’m happy to just be me, myself and I—not so-and-so’s wife or so-and-so’s girlfriend, but just…me.

I entered today eating White Cheddar[1. I try to lead more toward hard cheeses, because they’re less allergenic for mold allergies and less effective for lactose intolerance.] Cheez-Its and four tortillas from Fiesta, though the latter wasn’t heated. Mostly, I was hungry. On the other hand, I was trying to take my mind off a rash that had developed around the outside of my mouth[2. It looks like I am recovering from being waxed, really.] courtesy of aloe vera guts, which I had had on my fingers from when I was trying to milk it all out from one leaf, for some scratches. Apparently, I can’t apply aloe vera to my face—which makes all those times I put stuff containing aloe onto my face for sunblock or whatever; now, I know what was causing the burning.

Unfortunately, I didn’t look up how to resolve the issue until after my hot shower, wherein I usually wash my face with equally hot water, so there was more redness than before. I looked up what to do after waxing redness around mouth, because “aloe vera rash on mouth” results led only to articles about using aloe vera for rashes on mouths. I wound up findint out that ibuprofen can help with inflammation, then I used Neosporin instead of hydrocortisone cream, because the latter burned more and has only caused my face to breakout more in the past.

I’ve learned my lesson—I need to wash my hands after handling stuff. :p

For lunch, I was gonna go with Charlise, her kids, and her mom/my aunt (Charan) to a tea room, but I opted out because there were only two menu items without nuts…and I didn’t want to risk anything. Instead, we wound up going to Pei Wei for dinner and Yogurtland for dessert—and I’m pretty sure I ate too much.

Sesame Chicken from Pei Wei

Tomorrow is Italian food for an Easter lunch, ’cause stuff is too cray-cray here to have the whole fam over. It also works out well, in some ways, because everyone has their own thing to do; people’s schedules be too hectic to round everyone up into one corral so much throughout the year…we can barely get everyone in one place in December for Christmas.

If sleep doesn’t claim me first, I’ll be ending tonight with a watchfest of How to Train Your Dragon. ❤

P.S. The title of this post is a play on Young & Hungry, a television series I admire. ?

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Happy belated birthday. I am glad that you can be content with where you are now. It can be so weird as you get older and you see a lot of friends and relatives getting married and having children. But you have to do things your way and on your terms. :*

Happy belated birthday! Wooooo! I know 25 pronanly doesn’t seem amazing. It won’t for me either, I don’t think. Though for the longest part of my childhood I was convinced it would be. I remember writing a diary entry when I was 10, pretending I was 15 years in the future, for a class exercise. I said that I was engaged and I was going to get married. I will laugh if that happens. I wish I could find that exercise because I know I kept the piece of paper for a long time. I would not be surprised if my mum still has it. Hahhaa.

Anyway, that aside, I don’t like living up to expectations when it comes to age. I really try to only see it as a number, and I try to tell other people that that’s what I think, and they’ll have a hard time changing that. I don’t want to be told that I am too young or too old for anything, or that I need to ‘hurry up’ with anything.

I’m sorry about the rash. 🙁 I hate when you look up something and it gives you the total opposite. A woman at my workplace searched Google for a presentation she was giving, using ‘Women can have it all’ as the search terms. Everything pretty much said that ‘women can NOT have it all’ (her talk was about her original search term).

I mean, I feel like I’m a little behind, because others my age are already accomplishing their dreams, and mine are still…in the works? So I feel a bit like a disappointment, I guess, but more because that is what I feel like/think others want me to feel than what I actually feel for/about myself.

The rash is disappearing; it began getting a little flaky yesterday—I guess it’s gonna do this peel thing. ? I guess it’s best I found out sooner than later, though.

Agh. :/ I’d say it might be regional, but even search results all the way in Texas are coming up the same way. That’s…very disappointing? >.>

Happy birthday!! That dinner looks delicious, and pretty much anything at a place called Yogurtland sounds amazing. I hope you had a great day celebrating YOU! MASH was the game back in the day. Some of my middle school kids still play it.

MASH was a fun game, wasn’t it? I remember doing that with my friends and also those clapping games on the playground during recess. Happy birthday. It’s weird being another year older but we do it. <3