3-minute writing exercises with The Most Dangerous Random Prompt Generator

I wrote some stories with a random writing prompt generator, and these are them without editing.

In bold are the prompts provided, and the time limit set for myself was three minutes.

#1: The Horse & the Man

The horse came back alone and stood in the barn, head low and breeze blowing his mane. It was not the way he wanted to spend his day that mattered, but the way he waited for the farmer who also lived alone, who he relied on for feed. The house was quiet, standing still in the breeze. The wind did not move houses, only horses. The feed in the barn’s closet was inaccessible, nothing he could reach, and he wondered how long the grass would sustain him if the man did not awaken from his slumber to fill his trough.

#2: Conservative Kissing

The kiss reminded him of chemistry lessons in school, when if the right two elements were put together, they’d explode. This was not a time when they would explode, for she ice and he, earth. The one he wanted, the one he dreamt of — quarterback on the football team — was the one he couldn’t have, but if he dated the sister? He would have the chance to be part of the boy’s life, at least somewhat, indirectly, even if it meant he had to commit further. Because one thing conservative/traditional America did not allot for was the idea of a man loving another man, and the idea of escaping a quaint town was just that: an idea.

#3: Tiny Evidence

The pink glove lay on the ground, almost covered by the crisp autumn leaves — but Detective Bennett saw them anyway. “Bag,” she said, and someone handed her a clear plastic bag. Wearing gloves of her own, she picked up the glove and dropped it into the bag, sealing it shut so there was no air. The tiny glove was taken and documented into evidence by the forensics team. She stood, looking out across the field. It had been fifteen years since the last tiny gloves were found in a meadow.

#4: Mistress

She had followed the woman for days and at last her patience was paying off. Harriet’s husband was going to pay — tonight — for his mistress was never going to see the light again. She parked the rental car two blocks down at a park, under the guise of running for a late night jog, if only that jog meant taking the shortcut to the mistress’s house. She’d studied the floor plan, not that she’d needed it. She’d been in there before, knew the security system’s flaws — not that she needed it. She knew the code; her best friend had never been so great at choosing passwords.

#5: The Cheerleader & the Nerd

They had to work together so they were going to have to learn to get along. There was a romance here, but neither of them were interested — two girls, one a cheerleader and the other an academic? No way. Not in this town. Hallie divided the room with electrical tape she found in the teacher’s desk — the goody two-shoes had complained, worried they’d get caught having gone through a place they shouldn’t have, but she didn’t live in such fear. She didn’t care if they got caught; the whole reason she put herself in positions to get in trouble in the first place was to get in trouble. Perhaps if she got into enough trouble, she would finally be noticed at home and her parents would stop fighting.

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