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I’m starting this sloppy series wherein I ramble about shit related to my blog without much meaning or purpose, just because I don’t what else to say but feel like saying something, ya feel? I doubt it’ll go on for long, but I did enjoy creating the graphics for it.

Yellow text on teal: Behind the blog

So I hate goals. I think they’re lame and ableist, and insanely pointless on account of not having control over the future.

But I think having some form of goals for projects is important, so you can create milestones along the way.

When I think about Janepedia, I think about where I want to go with it, and I always get to this point of I know I need to grow it, but I also want to grow it, but I don’t want to grow it aimlessly. Like, I want there to be purpose.

mini & major wins – the popular advice is to offer small wins, but the bloggers I always loved gave away big wins. Some still do on occasion, but it’s nowhere near as often they used to.

plugin – I want to learn WordPress plugin development so I can create a plugin that is, like, organized and not messy, that helps give people more freedom over how they present components of their brand. Like the click-my-bio links.

themes – I want to create and sell basic WordPress themes for people who want something simple, with decent features, without breaking the bank. And if not multiple, then just one that I give away for free. 🤔

speeches/classes/verbal presentations – I am going to teach a virtual class for my cousin’s non-profit soon! I’ve realized, since moving in to my apartment, that I can totally do this if I stop being a baby over public speaking.

Mostly, I want to create magic: the kind you achieve through love, kindness and character development. 🔮

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I initially had a knee jerk reaction when you said goals were ableist. Then I thought about it more and I totally agree with you. I’ve been depressed for or three years now. One of my biggest hurdles lately is my shame over my low level of productivity (at work and in my personal life) due to my lack of motivation. My therapist has been trying very hard to make me realize that due to my condition, this is expected. Productivity is ableist and a capitalist lie.

I like your way of focusing on milestones for projects! Looking forward to seeing these things come to fruition!

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