The Adorkable ‘A to Z’

We can’t wait to meet Andrew and Zelda this fall!  We can’t wait to meet Andrew and Zelda this fall! 

“A to Z” is a series coming to NBC on Thursdays, starting 2 October at 9:30/8:30c.

Right off the bat, I knew Katey Sagal, the voice of Leela from Futurama, was the narrator, and before I knew it, I was picturing a one-eyed-and-purple-haired alien speaking into a microphone in the recording studio.

Reasons you should watch “A to Z”

1. It’s cute and funny.
The characters aren’t super-special or anything, they’re ordinary. It’s not so-funny-it’s-2 Broke Girls, and it’s not so-dramatic-it’s-Finding Carter-or-Teen Wolf. They’re everyday characters who have ran into each other so many times before, yet they only had their first real interaction where the show begins.

Because the characters aren’t so-extraordinary-they-must-be-from-Once Upon a Time, they’re rather likable.
2. It’s serious.
Because relationships are serious, and because it’s realistic. It’s not too serious, though, being told like a story and all. Really — it’s like a story for adults.

 Today is the day when Andrew and Zelda will meet.

3. You can watch it before your friends do.
It’s premiering digitally before it goes everywhere else on iHeart Radio.

It also teaches you important lessons, like how singing with your window open is dangerous.

Gifs via nbcatoz on Tumblr.

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Cool looking gifs! I feel like I need some new shows to watch. I’m currently into Face Off and TWD, but I always like trying something new. 🙂