All Roads Lead to Autistic Jane

I’ve been going through something lately, and this is the only place I want to share it.

A caveat to this, however, is that my estranged, dismissive, neglectful previous guardian is stalking me still. 🙄 But I don’t care about that behavior in regard to who she is as much as I care about the fact that my boundaries (no contact) are broken.

Considering the unlikelihood of her ever changing, she will die not ever having a relationship with me again because I mourned the loss of the concept of a mother almost ten years ago. She means nothing to me. 👀

A blog coach looked at my blog last year, and it totally rocked my blog confidence so I have ducked down quite a bit in blogging at all. The pressure to confirm to a niche chips away at what I’ve built — a personal brand that is truly my own. Despite everything, I am Autistic Jane on the internet.

When I think about how I want to be known on the internet, it’s as Autistic Jane and Jane Lively. No matter what, it is searchable everywhere. 🤷‍♀️

OMG! I literally blogged about this same topic, with the same title, two years ago!! 🤦‍♀️ Do I have other projects? Yes, but I’ll not be sharing them presently. 🙃

A blog that grows with me

My blog is a place where I’m free to be me. Autistic Jane is meant to grow with me, but I’ve lost satisfaction in my previous setup, so I’ll be changing some things around over the next year or two.

Me in my car, slightly faceless

Until I move into another apartment, I won’t change anything major. There is no internet, and cell reception sucks here. I also will refrain from sharing things because my abusers stalk my blog and will use certain information against me if they find a damning angle. 😑

But I’m not going to stop blogging just because they are entitled miscreants who don’t understand that I want nothing to do with them. 🙃


My current categories are a mess I have added onto instead of cleaning up. 😅

This is the planned new set:

  • Entertainment
    • Books
      • Book reviews
    • TV shows
  • Food (recipes)
  • Home & gardening (will separate later at my own discretion)
  • Internet (blogging/content creation might become a child category 🤷‍♀️)
  • Life
    • Bullet journaling
    • Living romantically/romantic living
    • Tea Talks (see below)
  • Money/Biz/Entrepreneurship (IDK what to call this, but want to talk more about building a business as an autistic person)
  • Style
    • Fashion Friday
    • Hair & Beauty
    • Quarterly Empties
  • The Before*
  • Writing

Tea Talks

Life updates (Jane Lately) and #autnotes don’t feel right with me as much as I’d like for them to.

I’ve been creating TikToks in my car and calling them “car talks”, but I won’t make them in my car as much when I’m in my own place again.

“Car talks” doesn’t fit blog posts, either. Sometimes, I just want to share a post that is more akin to a lovely chat/check-in with a friend — and I came up with “Tea Talks”.

Once I’m back out on my own, I want my blog and social channels to be warm, inviting, kind, safe spaces for diversity of thought and connection. Tea Talks feels fitting and fits into my decision to life my life more romantically — which is honestly just a fancy way to describe a life where I meet my needs and do things that cause me to be SO IN LOVE with life. 💖

Deleting old posts

My “Before” category contains posts from long ago that I want to let go. It’s time.

Former me wanted to hang onto them forever, to not forget, but she also was in a completely different place in her healing journey. Ultimately, she wanted to remember so she wouldn’t forget. Because she didn’t know at the time that she had dissociative identity disorder, making it difficult to recognize the patterns and causing her to fall into the same situations over and over again.

But I remember, and I know now the things she forgot. And it’s okay. We can let go of those posts now.

Cleaning these out will take a lot of time. Some are worth editing and keeping. None will affect SEO, because they’re hidden from search engines and the WordPress archive by default. 😏

Other categories

Other categories will be deleted, the posts merged into the best suited category instead. One is Health, which I just don’t feel is necessary as much because it can all go into the “Life” category and be more specific in a tag.

Different content

I’ve gotten into video, so I want to do more of that — a mix of written and filmed content. No idea what that will look like yet.

I also want to get into DIY ish, since I plan to DIY a lot of my apartment, but that will not happen until I move into my own place.

Overall, I think this is wonderful personal growth 💪

I feel as though I am looking at my blog more seriously and through a slightly more process lens — but it is still going to be nicheless.

Rather, I am the niche of Autistic Jane. 💁‍♀️✨

P.S. I don’t plan to change the theme until I’ve content representative of what I want on this blog long-term, re: defined/explained in this post.

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