How to fold Aldi plastic bags to reuse later

They’re 7¢ and 💯 reusable. I don’t know what the other bags look like, because I just grab the seven-cent ones in a pinch when I want to add more to my collection.

Folded Aldi grocery bag on floor

I now store my bags in the small-sized IKEA rainbow shopping bag, which means they all get folded. The typical reusable grocery bags are self-explanatory in my opinion — flatten, fold into thirds, then fold in half hamburger style.


*Not yelling, just excited.

1. Flatten the bag.

Flattened Aldi grocery bag upside down on floor

Tuck the butt (or bottom) of the bag into itself at the bottom and flatten on a reliable surface. I used the floor because I’m a floor person.

2. Tuck the handles inside the bag.

Flat Aldi grocery bag, upside down, with handles tucked in

Because they’re utterly useless when storing and just get in the way of folding.

3. Fold the top green bar down.

Green ALDI bar folded down

I don’t know what else to call that part — but it’s a green bar. Just fold it down. It’s crucial. Really get into it, too — align ends of the bar you just folded down with the edges of the bag.

Actually, just crease everything from here on out.

4. Flip over.

Aldi grocery bag flipped over, green bar facing down

I turned mine on its side for easier management.

5. Fold into thirds.

First into one-third.

Folding Aldi grocery bag into thirds

Then into another third, which will essentially make a whole. Crease it real good, then…

6. Tuck the last third into the green bar flap.

Tucking the last third into the green flap

Crease it again.

7. Fold into thirds from the bottom.

Where the handles were.

Folded grocery bag from bottom-up

Crease ALL the places and maintain the width of the rectangle.

8. Fold the last third into the top flap.

Folded Aldi grocery bag

You might have to rewind on the steps a bit and troubleshoot where you went wrong.

The better the creases, the flatter the end result.

Three folded Aldi grocery bags in a hand

Small enough to tuck into a purse!

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