Jane Lately #54: Pandemic life is starting to feel normal

It baffles me when unmasked customers walk in and are pissy about the carts not being clean enough for them — it smells too much like chemicals, it doesn’t smell like chemicals enough, this cart’s wet with disinfectant, this cart isn’t wet with disinfectant, I want a cart without chemicals. You want others — us and the whole world — to protect you from this virus by wearing our personal protective equipment, but you won’t reciprocate? Your sex life must be greaaaat.

It’s a lot of Trump-loving white men.

Will we have to wear masks forever, will covid-19 ever end, my face mask makes me feel like I’m drowning in a chlorine pool because I’m so fucking sweaty, work-from-home jobs available, can I lie on my screening test so I can stay home for two weeks without penalty because I just don’t want to fucking work today — I search less on Google these days for queries that have no adequate answer.

I like to think we’re not quite there yet in regard to me needing to create a tag for COVID-19. It should just come up searching my blog. I don’t want to devote a tag to this crap.

Tiny toy sheep plush rattle in the right breast of a bra on the rack
A sheep for your boob 🐑

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Unrelated to your post. I have binge read your blog. I really like the autistic posts. As with someone with mild austism, I was happy seeing somethig that gets it.

It baffles me to when I see people not wearing masks and then have the nerve to bitch about it.
I’m sorry you have to deal with this at work.

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