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I opened myself/blog up to questions about anything for a Q&A session of sorts, ’cause I thought it could be fun…and because tons of others were doing it, and they seemed to have a lot of fun with it. My favorite part, though, was the ability to ask questions and find out that exact thing about a person.

I took questions from my survey for this as well.

I’m still open to questions from people! This post got pretty long—fast—so I went ahead and posted it. If you’ve any questions still, comment with them and I will answer.

What aspect of blogging makes you feel: “Yes!! This is what blogging is all about!”?

Bloggers working together to make a difference: This is so, so beautiful to me. Bloggers come together, putting forth their own unique qualities. Maybe it’s speaking about site accessibility, reviewing eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, or hosting an international cookie swap. Maybe your posts or the comments you leave just make someone laugh or smile or feel less alone.

This aspect is so rare in the blogosphere these days, wherein not everyone in the community respects each others’ hard work anymore and so many people are afraid of offending someone, so they censor themselves.

What’s the point of blogging if you’re afraid to have an opinion, too busy stealing other people’s hard work, and not interested in what the community has to offer? Where is the fun?

Will you come to Australia, please?

Asked by Georgie

I actually used to dream of visiting Sydney, ’cause I grew up watching The Saddle Club. I fell harder in love with it by watching Dance Academy, as well as Our Lips Are Sealed (starring Olsen twins). I’ve never been on a plane before, though, and the thought terrifies me. So I figure I need to practice flying to places here in the States (probably first in Texas) so I can eventually follow through with my dream of visiting Sydney.

If you had to eat one food forever, what would it be? Pizza rolls?

No. Sadly, I’d be working my immune system too hard.

If I could only eat one food forever, I would choose potatoes. I’ve found studies tracing back to the “olden” days, which looked at various diets various communities have. The communities with a strong focus on potatoes suffered less from malnutrition and disease, possibly because potatoes are nutritious on their own.

What are some challenges you come upon running a hosting business? What are the benefits?

I don’t really run HostClearly myself, rather I help out. I did have my own hosting service at one point, but I stopped because not only was I yelled at by unhappy paid hosting clients, but those I offered free hosting to were oftentimes so, so much worse.

It’s really stressful, though. I like knowing about things first, the ability to step in and be a total know-it-all in some circumstances, and having root access.

In the past, though, it’s ruined friendships because a lot expected special treatment. I’ve also had clients find and attack me on my personal and social media accounts because they felt I should be helping hostees 24/7.

I’m not sure what benefits of it exist, other than learning what it’s like on the other side of the screen—you learn what really goes into keeping a server up and offering customer support.

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, honestly.

What is your superpower? ?

Forever unintentionally sending innuendos to my immature friend(s).

At least it makes them laugh?

As someone with a lot of allergies, what is your usual reaction when you find x-free food?

Asked by Georgie

Really excited. At Sprouts, I almost did a happy dance. I was also kind of loud. I had found entire aisles containing products I could eat with little-to-no issues.

Finding completely allergy-free-to-me food is hard, and I haven’t yet…at least not really. However, when I find yeast-free food that is neither as hard as bricks nor tastes horrendous, I am beyond excited. Like, I-will-spend-$10-on-this excited.

I spend $10 on SunButter. I am stocked up currently. Like, I am officially the queen of putting food on Christmas and birthday wish lists now (or at least Amazon gift cards so I can buy free-from food in bulk).

Allergy-free foods are expensive, but getting sick from allergies is worse. Coupons definitely help, though! I bought five free-from things a while back, which came out to $40+ or so, but paid $10ish thanks to coupons (the only way I can honestly afford free-from foods.

If you could colour your hair any colour, what would you choose?

Asked by Georgie

I kinda wanna say a redder color, but meh. It’s a dark auburn color naturally. I’ve always thought it’d be cool to have a few blue highlights.

Who is your favourite cartoon character?

Asked by Georgie

Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls!

I originally favored Bubbles, because she was always so cute, but Blossom’s confident personality helped me feel like I could do things even at the most trying of times.

What is your favourite item of clothing to wear?

Asked by Georgie

I really love short shorts, and on most days, I love my legs. So I’m gonna have to go with short shorts.

You love turquoise, but is it one of the colours that you buy everything in? Or is there a colour that you love to buy everything in (clothes, notebooks, stationery, phone cases, etc.)?

Asked by Georgie

My phone’s case is teal. My digital camera is like a raspberry color. A lot of my clothes are white (night shirts), black or grey. I’m gonna try to transition into wearing more colors again. I do have some turquoise tops and red tops, too. I have maybe one yellow top.

When I finally get around to rebuilding my wardrobe, I’ll likely lean towards turquoise, red, possibly some yellow (as long as it’s plaid). I really love plaid in general, though, and I like pieces that are comfy and versatile.

I don’t really buy stationery often.

I’ve been eyeing Beddy’s because making my bed is a struggle and they seem convenient. Sets I’ve been eyeing: Clean Slate, Game On Gray, Modern Gray.

Is there anything you’ve been wanting to ask me, or just thought of to ask me? Comment with the question, and I’ll respond with the answer. Depending on how personal the question is, I may not be entirely truthful/without sarcasm. There are some things I do wish to keep to myself.

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What aspect of blogging makes you feel: “Yes!! This is what blogging is all about!”?

you answered that question perfectly!

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I just realised how many questions I asked. Hahaha. ? Thank you for answering my questions! It was fun reading them. And it’s good to know that even though you might have a favourite colour, it doesn’t mean you have to buy everything in that colour. ?

See you in Sydney 😉

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It’s great when bloggers get to express themselves (without all of that shady stealing jazz). I love the interaction in the blogging community, especially when people are encouraging each other for the right reasons :). I didn’t know that potatoes are pretty nutritious on their own. Is this a good reason for me to eat all of the fries I want? XD.

Sometimes, I’m aggravated by unhappy clients but realize it’s part of the whole enchilada. I learned how to make better communications. My work always remind us if we don’t know something, the best way to respond is by saying, “I don’t know but I will find out for you” (and actually do it).

I can imagine how awesome it feels to find a food that fits your scope. You sound like a level 100+ couponing expert with getting all of that food for $10! Gray is one of the easiest colors to get a hold of. I find myself having to settle for a different color because of unavailability X’D.

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Ha, in my defense, I got a lot of coupons in my Love With Food subscription boxes. ?

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