I left HostClearly

This is a backdated post, created because 1) I was associated with HostClearly for so long and 2) this URL has been linked all over, and not just on this blog. Comments are off.

I worked with HostClearly from May 2012 to August 2016 as a support technician and director of design. My responsibilities were to manage support and deliver reports to the founder as needed, as well as research and provide guidance to the design department. I specialized in WordPress support and became surprisingly great at pretending I knew about software I’d never used (e.g. Coppermine Gallery).

Irreconcilable differences drove me to leave, plus the growing inability to control situations I was expected to control/manage/oversee.

In the end, I think this decision as a blogger was for the best, because it was proving to be a bit of a conflict of interest. Relationships with readers dwindled, and the boundary I’d created between work and play (at the time) ceased to exist, because clients found my personal information and started harassing me during my time off.

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