“It’s just allergies,” I say, “because I was just sick a few weeks ago, and I’m not getting sick again.”

Guess what?

I’m sick again.

It could strep, though I doubt it is. I’ve been taking the antihistamine known as Benedryl consistently, along with an Ibuprofen, so I must be doing something right if that combination is working. I’m also sleeping a lot, but I guess that is what comes with having a fever and a sore throat and, well, being sick.

Two weeks ago, Ruby was here, and we colored a little, and she watched The Croods on my laptop via my Netflix subscription, because I didn’t know what else I could occupy her with, and she seemed bored of coloring (and coloring was putting me to sleep). I also dolled her up face-wise, and fixed her ponytail, and gave her this heart-shaped lip gloss thing I’d gotten from who-knows-where and who-knows-when and who-knows-with-what. I mean, I know I got it from someone as a gift, maybe, and it came with something that had a key chain-type-thing, because it had that kind of appearance, but I haven’t used lip gloss in forever, and giving it away wasn’t a bit deal. Oh! I also painted her fingernails and her toenails, even though everyone knows I’m horrible at that.

(If you don’t, then you should.)

I think it made her day, because she kept saying, “This is just what sisters do!” She also wanted me to come home with her, and she doesn’t usually want that when it’s pre-planned. She was quite disappointed when I said I couldn’t and had things I needed to do, but it all worked out.~

TL;DR: I found myself really missing the siblings on my mom’s side of the family more than usual.

In other news, I have recently found myself interested in Meghan Trainor’s song, ‘All About That Bass’. It’s fun, that male model is so dreamy, and the bubblegum-ish colors makes me just want those. I love those colors.

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I hope you start feeling better soon! Can you do tea with honey? I find that that usually helps a sore throat. That and the Pine Brothers natural cough drops. The time you spent with Ruby sounds fun. She’s right, that is like sister time. 🙂 She’s lucky to have you.