Life Update #12

The last listed life update I wrote was in February, but if you’re excluding lists, then it was in May. I feel like lists are often easier to describe everything that has happened lately, because then there is no commitment to staying on topic throughout the entire post, and with lists, you know where an event (or point) begins and when it ends.

  1. My grandfather has cancer. I don’t naturally assign emotions to sad events, so I’m just indifferent to everything that is going on right now and trying to not fall back into a dark place, even though the emotion in the house is clearly melancholy; and I’m the only one who isn’t exactly affected by it, or at least not as visibly as others are.
    I didn’t cry at Mama Lois’ funeral, but everyone else did. Situations like these always feel so awkward for me, and I never know how to respond. I wasn’t allowed to express my feelings throughout childhood, so whilst others are scared, I’m just here like, “Are we not doing birthday parties this month?”
    I’m awkward.
  2. Owning the Better Blogger Network and beginning the changes that is to come of it has resulted in a) me learning of many legal consequences I never knew existed when it comes to branding, and b) me adopting an MIA activity status of sorts. Both suck, but I’m dealing.
    The network’s theme is actually taking a turn (or a leap, or a zig) in a different direction in order to fit where a lot of members (i.e. bloggers) who quit are going in the interwebs industry, and I truly think it could really help more than just the bloggers.
    Yeah… I’m excited, and I’m also a blabbermouth, so I’m hushing now.~ (Shout-out to Nancy for reading my rambling on it, though!)
  3. I feel like I’m always saying I’m starting a new project, but this time, I really mean it when I say I’m starting a new project. I’m aware I’m not as experienced as others in the field the project (i.e. consulting) will be in, but as an introverted being, I’ve found a type of service to provide that doesn’t exist anywhere (because I’ve looked), and I think it could be really cool. Once #2 comes to light, I’ll have time to clean out a lot of files on my sites and redo some projects, such as Hope Fades, to name one. This project will also have some coding-related things to it. I just feel like it can really be something that represents me and my abilities well, something I’ve been trying to do with my portfolio for a while. Since people seem to rely on blog posts to test creatives’ skills and 6birds is more personal than technical, I decided to put something together that’s totally me without losing sight of who I am as a person.
  4. What Liz Eats will open soon, likely closer to fall or winter, and definitely once #2 is taken care of and running smoothly on Xenforo. I decided I’ll start with posting only once a week on the aforementioned food blog, because since #1 happened in May, my entire summer turned super busy, and I’ve also been hanging out with people a little bit more. (I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it?) Anyway, the blog will also open with at least a month’s worth of recipes (so, that’s at least four recipes) so it won’t appear too new to people. Most recipes thus far are SunButter-related. Hope that’s not a problem. 😉
  5. Hint: #3 has to do with communities and blogs. I have hidden skills, yo!
    People also often come to me for advice, and their questions usually aren’t answered elsewhere, so since there’s a need… might as well, right?
  6. Due to personal time off, I’ve been running my cousin’s website, Crunchy Family, a family-friendly organic blog. This is likely a long shot, but if you have any organic recipes, activities, etc., don’t hesitate to send them in. You can be a regular writer, a sporadic writer, or just a one-time guest poster. You can contact me directly for this, because I’m looking over it for a while, and I’d rather just keep up with my own email, not have to constantly go into hers (it feels weird).
  7. I have been staying up all night and sleeping all day. Honestly, when I live on my own, I may stick to this schedule, because I tend to get the most work done when I do and have free time to do what I please when I’m done-ish for the day.
  8. I’ve been so quiet lately, because I have been on a roller coaster ride that won’t seem to end: I can do it; no, I can’t do it; yes, I can do it; NO, I CAN’T DO IT. I may be able to do it, but it’s so hard emotionally, mentally and physically at times. I tend to go quiet during stressful times, and I’ve hit that threshold. I don’t have much to say, but I’m able to “do”. My PTSD has been acting up a lot lately as well, and that is stressful on its own.

I guess, in short, that I have been busy. How have you been?

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Hang on in there, girl! Time is normally the thing that can help situations :I. Being the owner of a huge network is an awesome opportunity! Even though it can be stressful with having to deal with the legal business and/or people, it’s still a nice experience soooo expand and leap on to the zig ;).

You got a lot of projects going on. Good luck good luck! (yes you can!)

As for myself, I’m fine…. Gave 75% of my soul to work until I get back to school *o*. That explains it all, right? ;~;

I am so sorry about your grandfather. *hug*

I work overnight, meaning that I stay up all night and then sleep. It isn’t bad. Knowing that I always work the same shift makes it easier to spend more time with my husband, and you deal with fewer aggravating people (a lot of daytime customers, i.e. retirees and rich stay-at-home-wives, have too much free time on their hands and can be very annoying).