Big Brother 16 Stuff (or ‘me having a fangirl moment’)

I subscribed to the Big Brother Live Feeds. I’m sad, I know. And addicted. I’ve been tweeting about them, though, and joining in some conversations.

I’m not much of a fan of the people who have been in the live feed chats, though, or the fangirls going all over the place.

I get it — the couples are cute — but I feel like they’re all just fourteen-year olds who think they know how the entertainment industry works, or that they know and understand other random things, e.g. “CBS wouldn’t tell them to look a certain way. It’s reality TV. The houseguests do what they want.”

So, I don’t watch the chats.

Where I can, I’ll give specific times and cameras. I watch more at night, i.e. when so many fans are sleeping.

My tags (I should have done “bb[name]”, but I didn’t. Oh well.):





I rarely ever watch reality television.

(i.e. I never watch it.)

And yet, I’m obsessed.

I watch it at night. All the best things happen at night.

My grandpa has cancer, and I am burying myself in others’ drama to help me deal.

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Comments on this post

Hey Liz,

I thought about commenting on your other post but then saw this one and I have a confession to make too. I love Big Brother and it’s all my best friend’s fault. He made me hooked and last year he passed away so I have no one to talk to about what the heck is going on.

I’m not watching any of the live feeds, I don’t have the time but I have been voting to help Team America, I think that’s kind of fun.

Do you have any favorites yet? Rooting for anyone special?