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Papa has brain cancer. He had surgery in early July to remove a piece of it for a biopsy.

I remember family was disappointed, because they expected the doctors to remove all of the tumor?! I don’t understand their logic there, but whatever.

Now, there is talk and plans of hospice care.

I feel indifferent about everything.

I feel like I was finally going to be at an okay enough point that I could at least be somewhat stable. And now, I don’t.

Thanks in advance for any comments on this you may wish to leave, but considering I’m not a super emotional person (nor am I fond of super emotional posts), I’m just going to close the comments for this.

I didn’t even expect it to affect my mood — or anything, for that matter — but it did.

I mean, the last time I went through all this, Mama Lois was in hospice.

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