Life Update #14

I’ve been up to a lot lately, or maybe I haven’t… I think some may beg to differ either way, so whatever.

Anyways, other things:

  1. I finally completed my MyTCG news hack, Flight. It’s taken me a year to release the better update and finalize the download, even though it was really just a means of fixing one file, but I finally did it. Now, I can start working on juggle for Kya and Blog Matter. I wanted to have Flight finished first, because people kept wanting to use it, and also because I needed it to have one last release before I labeled it “Unsupported”. Github was quite miserable trying to figure out, but I finally [sort of] figured it out just enough to allow me to get what I need done completed. I’m still going to code for the MyTCG community, because I really like it. My next MyTCG project is Portalish (though I’m considering changing it to “Portalously”, simply because of, which will allow other TCG owners to add “portals”, or “stories”, to their TCGs, much like various games have quests and whatnot. It’s a really slow process, but I’m getting there. :3
  2. I have been writing a lot more. I really like forum-based roleplaying groups, because they allow me to flesh out and test my characters. Whilst I do love them all, I think I’ll be putting my Wesley into a piece of writing I can share soon. He’s hilarious, and all my characters have pieces in their personalities that resemble my own personality, but Wesley is… well, he’s definitely a character.
  3. Speaking of characters, I have realized I might enjoy hurting my characters a little too much. I find throwing them against metaphorical walls and popping their dream bubbles to be a new kind of guilty pleasure I never thought possible. It’s fun to see them so low and find ways to bring them “up”.
  4. I have officially begun Project Z, the new Better Blogger Network, and I’m actually really excited, because I’m actually really good with communities. I vaguely mentioned it in a previous life update, and the most I’ll say more about it right now is that the name is changing, because a) I prefer shorter domains, b) it needed to for trademark and legal purposes, c) what even is a “better blogger”, anyway? and d) it’s shorter, is spelled the way it sounds and is less mouthy. The Better Blogger Network would always need to have “the” before it or something to keep it from sounding odd, and “BBN” is trademarked/used by many others, plus “My BBN” is “MyBBN”, and “MyBB” is a forum software… It was just too much, and this also allows members a semi-fresh start, as well as the community as a whole, because starting anew is sometimes just…nice. I also made up the word by putting about three words together (maybe four). And it’s pretty awesome, if I say so myself. c: #imexcited
  5. I’m still sick. I have a cold, or it’s sinuses, or it’s both. Either way, I’m rather miserable right now, but I’m taking Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 supplements (because I don’t get enough of either daily, as oranges/orange juice is a rarer treat than ice cream), which seem to be helping. Thank you all for the lovely get well wishes. :3
  6. I created a Steam account yesterday, because I bought two games (because they were cheaper than Big Fish Games). I’m effyup on Steam and on Raptr for anyone who has an account there. 🙂 The thing I’m despising about Steam, however, is my screenshots show up blank, and I’ve found various support threads on this, but they were never resolved. 🙁

So… how have you all been?

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Your productivity is inspiring. I always love reading your blogs and seeing everything that you do. I do hope you’re feeling better soon! Vitamins can definitely do the trick. Keeping resting and taking care of yourself. Happy almost 2015!

Eeee, thanks! <3

c: I also put Vicks VapoRub on my feet, and it has really helped soothe my coughing. Last night, I was able to sleep so well — something I haven’t done in a long time.