Making Fetch Happen

Apart from suddenly becoming skilled at blowing away all of your energy into a tissue, for some reason, you’re expected to make fetch happen when you’re sick, as if all of a sudden it’s this new-and-improved possible thing! I don’t really understand how I can do all my laundry, and clean my room, and get up and move around when I can’t even type up the three blog posts I’m supposed to write or create a theme or support my head without the help of three-to-four pillows that are also being used to prop me up, especially when I’m having to sleep Dracula-/Sheldon-style, using the aforementioned pillows just so I can freaking BREATHE.

I’m not sending my cards out ’til I’m better, in the event that fetch decides to come in the presence of whatever-the-hell-it-is-I-have and likes spreading itself through card-giving. Maybe fetch is secretly The Grinch.

Eh. I was going to continue, but I can’t even do this.

Ya know, because an entire box of tissues holds all the energy my body was able to create in the two hours of sleep I managed to collect before I woke up to choke on the dryness in my throat.

Hope you had a nice laugh.*

*If not, pretend.

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Comments on this post

I hope you get better soon! I’m kind of on a same boat, since I fell sick a few days back as well. That annoying feeling of drained energy is so not cool. While I get the reference [Mean Girls, right?] I don’t know how to dish out a comeback response with that same phrase. At least I acknowledged it, so that’s a start right? 😛

Again, I hope you get better soon, and I wish you a happy new year. ^^;

FETCH IS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN…lol. Kidding. I hope you feel better soon! The whole pillow propping, tissue blowing, trying to get at least a few hours of sleep thing is rough. 🙁 I’ve found that raw ACV works wonders on soothing the throat and helping relive mucus! Take care and merry late Christmas! <3 <3

If only it wasn’t vinegar 🙁 Blah. Thanks. <3
Merry late Christmas to you, too! <3

Oh I hope you feel better soon (if you’re not already, I’m a bit late to the party!) 🙁

I have no idea what fetch is, maybe I’m just thick, lol. Anyway, hope you’re feeling better! /cookie

That is SO fetch.

I actually just finished watching Mean Girls not that long ago!

I do hope you feel better ^^;

I hope you get well soon. Take all the rest you need. ;o

🙁 I hope you feel better soon!

Awe, I hope that you feel better quickly. Sleep’s a wonderful thing right now…actually, it’s a wonderful thing always. Get better! <3