Welcome to the circus

How long has it been since I shared about the mundanities of my life? Although not yet completely, I moved into the new house with Charlise & Fam, so I can make sure the boys don’t burn the house down whilst she’s away with the intended parents (IPs) for her surrogate child.

It’s me, two teens/preteens, and three grade schoolers — all boys, of course. And we have a chatty, needy neighbor, so welcome to Suburgatory. Or Santa Clarita — whichever suburban hell-themed television show floats your boat.

I’m, like, becoming a real adult now. 🤔

The year has flown by, but especially the recent few weeks. Because I didn’t get my hopes up, I didn’t make anything known until the papers were signed on the lease. Then, I didn’t start packing until the 18th of July, mostly because I was sick the previous week from accidentally eating almonds and busy babysitting.

Most of my packing has been so last-minute. I expected to purge most of my papers, but it took too long. So I’m taking my clutter with me, basically.

My desk and bookshelf probably won’t make it to the house unless I successfully enlist my father to bring them on one of his days off, but I also don’t know if such things will fit in his Escalade even if he puts the seats down. 🤷‍♀️ A bit of a buzzkill, considering how much I love seeing books on my bookshelves, and how I won’t have much shelving space until my desk and bookshelf are in my room — but I’ll make due regardless.

My anxiety is in a mess, mostly because I’m about to change my environment and turn all that which makes me comfortable upside down, but I could also be mostly exhausted. I chose the worst week to detox my armpits/switch to a natural deodorant, but in my defense, it’s lavender-scented. It also pairs well with the Every Man Jack sandalwood-scented shower gel I got in a Target Beauty Box on clearance.

Food- and ED recovery-wise, I’ve been eating three meals lately and feel like, if squeezed just right, I will explode from all the holes in my body like toothpaste. The thought of puking it all up has indeed crossed my mind, but alas my fear that once I start vomiting I’ll not be able to stop trumps that exit strategy.

You know those reusable grocery bags? Well, most of my crap was packed into those. I enough of them, so why not? Better to actually use them than to waste space packing them up into themselves, or whatever. I’m not a giant fan of boxes, especially when moving, because you need tape and scissors and Sharpies, and they require so much more energy and effort. Bags, despite their inability to be stacked properly, don’t require tape, scissors or Sharpies.

And, sure, I could use one of those tape-cutter doohickeys created to make packing boxes easier, but?? The number of injuries I get from those things are so not worth it.

Concern regarding whether I’ll be content living in a circus has come up, but I find the pros far outweigh the cons. Like how I get to live with this cutie:

White toddler in solar system dress, looking at a temporary butterfly tattoo on her shoulder

And how we run Crunchy Family together and act as a duo at events when sponsors like the both of our blogs, but have a limited amount of product to give — or they want two different products sponsored, but can only give one to each person. In the past, Charlise and I divvied things up. 🤷‍♀️

I can’t wait to show you guys my room, but on the other hand, I can?? I’m posting glimpses on my Instagram feed and stories, but the bulk of my room ish (including bedding) will remain under wraps until it’s more developed and actually has all my stuff.~ Because I prioritized the shit out of what came here first.

  1. Books (3 boxes, 1 crate)
  2. Cosmetics & hygiene ish
  3. Backpack (bare basics regarding clothes, plus my laptop and laptop charger, and my phone charger; and other stuff), at the front with me + my safe
  4. Bed set & towels
  5. Clothes
  6. Whatever else fit

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