A Day in the Life: January 2017

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A Day in the Life is a linkup in which bloggers share about their day-to-day lives.

I legit only realised now that Georgie did ADITL on the same date January 2016. ? Great minds…?

Something new I did today was…

Open a new box of Kleenex. No big, but ’tis my new thing. ?

Three words to describe today:

Carpal tunnel sucks ?

Four words to describe this month thus far:

It is definitely happening.

Just before writing this post, I was…

Pouring myself a bowl of Cheetos Puffs. ?

The first message/notification I received today was from…

My phone. It alerts me when it’s charged so as to save energy.

Tonight, I will…

Try to go to bed earlier, and also try not to fall into a writing coma for the third night in a row.

…that is, unless the tornado warning continues until tomorrow morning, in which case I can forget about sleeping. ??

Today in 250 words or less:

I awoke much later than I intended. Legit did nothing productive aside from write several pages for “Darlings”. Even if I’m writing by hand, which I stopped doing because my right ring finger has a knot from when I wrote too much as a kid and I developed carpal tunnel (or however it works), I figured it’s better to get the idea on paper now so I can expand later when typing it up, whenever that is. I wrote the meet cute this morning during a writing coma. ???

Also: why TF is there a tornado warning in North Texas in JANUARY? ???

A photo from today:

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Comments on this post

The weather has definitely been crazy in Texas! I can’t believe how much rain we’re getting right now, and it looks like my area is getting some more bad thunderstorms.

I think having unproductive days once a while can be a good thing. It’s relaxing, and I’m glad you got some writing done 🙂 I also like how you use a crocheted cozy. The colors are cute!

Speaking of going to bed earlier… I should probably do that. It’s past 1:00am… whoops!

I love the prompts! “It is definitely happening” is my favourite answer, though. And GMTA – Great Minds Think Alike! RE. the date. ?