Liz Lately #28

Clean room, clear mind

Idunno if anyone has figured this out yet, but having a cleaner room is exhilarating. ?? (Obviously, I’m being sarcastic.) There are studies and all that jazz, and it’s no wonder people like cleanliness so much!

I hit my limit around the second week of January and just started picking up stuff, putting it into a box, and recycling bunches of paper. I still need to go through a lot of my crap, but for now, I’m enjoying the luxury of walking in my room without having to step way over something.

I’m not sure when our garage sale is yet, but I’m hella looking forward to it like a bag of freshly-opened Cheetos Puffs. ?


I installed the Netflix app onto my phone—did you know about this? I mean, I sorta did, but I didn’t know it could be on a phone. The screen is small, but it works better than I expected. ?

I especially love it because my cell provider allows various media types via specific apps to use free data—not that data is anything I worry about, considering I only learned in September I’ve been missing out on the WiFi hype for several years. ??

Speaking of my phone…

I just ordered the bloody replacement because I kinda do need it in my life. Verbal communication is stressful, and whilst it may seem otherwise in person, #TheStruggleIsReal.

I named this replacement one Tahlia and sent Keely back. Keely was a fun name, but perhaps naming an electronic—especially considering my luck with them as of late, and my luck with phones as of ever—after a character from a cancelled Disney Channel television series was unwise.

The name “Tahlia” is literally a random name to me, but has a bit of a badass vibe to it, so boom. With “Tahlia” I went.


By Una, CSSgram is a collection of classes which add filters to photos via CSS. I’m obsessed. ? I used Clarendon for my Perfectly Posh review, and I can see myself using it more in the future. There are some cons, but editing photos like this via CSS is so convenient when you lack your usual photo-editing tools because you failed to unplug your laptop after you spilt your open water bottle onto it…

I’m preparing myself for a big physical change.


I know, I’m cruel.

Sleeping problems

I keep waking up choking. ? I stop breathing at night sometimes, which is scary AF, and I tend to choke to wake back up. I downloaded Sleepbot, an app that coaxes the body to wake up during the lighter stages of sleep, and records movement and/sound while you sleep. It also keeps a record of when you sleep/wake up, how long you sleep and what your sleep debt is. The only downside is that it doesn’t track it if you forget to press “I’m going to sleep”.

I do find the “Smart Alarm” feature, which gradually wakes you up, to work better than my regular alarm through the clock app. It’s so nice not to be awoken by a startling full-blast ringtone.

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Are you getting a haircut or something. ARE YOU. ARE YOU GETTING A HAIRCUT haha. Like when I surprised everyone with colouring my hair purple. Except it didn’t last that long. ?

I used to use an app (I forget the name) that aimed to wake you up when you were in the lighter stages of your cycle. I can’t remember how well it worked but I think it actually left me feeling more tired. It was a while ago, and I just remember having better sleep since then. ?

I love Una. Haha. It’s great that it serves as an alternative for you, though – don’t forget to not just look into the CSSgram filters but into how you can increase brightness and stuff like that with CSS – if all you want is a quick edit.