A Day in the Life: October 2017

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I royally failed trying to do this yesterday, as I realized the date I’d assigned was for Expo day?? But I’mma try to do this today. I’m doing it timeline-style for convenience and because I’ve not done that in a while!

Midnight-1:30ish am

I dried my hair, finished up on my lappy, started to read The Host but instead continued playing the Numbers Game  until I fell asleep in attempt to drain my battery so I could charge it.


I awake, fall back asleep. I really have to pee, but if I get up, I know that’ll be it??


Grandmama wakes me up three minutes before my alarm. I fall back “asleep”.


Paranoid, I “awake”. Battery still NOT drained, I continue playing same game.


Alarm goes off. I then turn off the 7:59am alarm as well. I give up, plug in my phone, get up, use the toilet, brush my teeth, wash my hands, plug in straightener, straighten my hair, realize I FAILED TO POST THIS YESTERDAY AND DECIDE TO MASTER MULTITASK. Charlise texts me saying we’re leaving in less than 10 minutes??

#officially rushing


Slightly late. Doors are locked. We got in to the Expo, then had GFAF Expo info, Schar’s spiel + breakfast by Schar. I probz should not have eaten any eggs, because I felt sick after, but I always forget about how eggs make me feel. 😅 I really liked their sweet potato hash stuff?? It was interesting and not, like, “blah” like I usually think of breakfast meals. After, we went to Brian (Char’s cat-lover husband) @ the Aleia’s booth to give him the keys, then went on with the Expo…which I won’t walk you through, because it’s tomorrow again and that would make this post hella longer than I (or anyone) wants.~

4-somethingish pm

I don’t remember what time it was, but we left. Traffic.


Home. Bags → bed. Put a large ceramic thing into Gmama’s trunk. Showered. Prepared my light dinner of pink lemonade, hummus and chips:

+ I started I load of laundry.


Eating, talking to people…quickly finishing this??


I’m currently reading The Host, so between eating and chatting with a friend, I’ll be reading and relaxing until bedtime.

A photo from today:

Black-and-white photo of my baby cousin Solara and I, with her leaning forward and me laughing mid-capture. It's a blooper.

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I love eating eggs but they always upset my stomach @__@. Hope you had lots of fun at the GFAF expo! It’s always great whenever you come home with a bunch of goodie bags (esp. when it’s free food)!

Eggs do the same thing for me on an empty stomach (I mean in the morning, basically). I thought it was just me 😀