A Day in the Life: September 2015

I’m not sure how interesting or accurate this will be, considering I awoke sometime around 5pm. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, given the time of the year and my recent allergy experiences. Allergies affect my sleep, as does the heat, and Texas weather is unpredictable at best.

I also tend to “stay up late” and “sleep all day”, which I genuinely predict will actually be a thing for me on my “normal schedule” when I live on my own, because I function better at night.

circa 5pm

Surprised at the time, I awoke. My alarm was set to ring at 12:35pm, and then again around 2pm just in case I did not wake. I withdrew myself from my bed and went to find clothes to wear for the rest of the day, brushed my teeth, and all that after-waking-up process jazz.

I contemplated making one of the Pasta Sides packets for dinner, but then I realised I needed milk for those. We don’t have rice milk, and I need to buy some seeds to make milk from in order to have some allergen-free milk on hand for instances like these. After weighing the consequences and considering the fact that I would taste the milk in the product[1. It’s what I do with mashed potatoes. 🙁 And cakes made with eggs.], I decided to wait until some allergen-friendly milk is obtainable and made a SunButter sandwich with my new Italian white bread instead. I ate it with Magic Brand barbecue chips, which are literally $1 at whatever store[2. My grandmother goes to about three or four for groceries, so it’s not my fault I can never remember which one.], but taste much better than Lays any day.

Welcome to the mind of a person with allergies. Yes, every food decision is as complex as this one.

On the way to my room[3. Because that is where I eat…], Grandmama was coming down the hall, so I stopped and waited; I showed her the Italian bread was smaller and shaped like an oval, which I thought was cool. Right after I set it down and held the plate, once again, with my left hand, I had to cough—so naturally, my right hand must raise up to cover my mouth, which ultimately resulted in me losing 1/4 the amount of chips I’d put on the plate.

Her reaction felt more along the lines of shock, because all I did was stand there and cough. “I had to cough, so I just had to let it happen,” I explained.

Whilst eating, I looked over the layout of Wild Thing, which I worked on a bit last night. Wild Thing is an upcoming science fiction/supernatural television series trading card game. I missed TCGs too much and have recently buried myself back in to them. I really like the deck-making aspect of online trading card games, but I dislike the additional responsibilities some TCGs have for deck makers. I’ve been MIA from the scene since late 2013, and TCGs have changed a bit since… in some ways, it sucks, but in others… meh. I can make my own laid-back one. No big. 😉

circa 6pm

I went back to working on my post for the Dallas 2015 GFAF Expo event, which is a requirement as a person covering the event, then stopped, because Yoast is getting on my last damn nerve. I went through the hassle of disabling every single plugin, only for JetPack to still have issues connecting to the Sharing page for the Twitter cards… thus, I researched ways to implement Open Graph tags manually.

I despise having to use plugins where I can use physical code, and Yoast’s grading system is shit. If you don’t know how to optimise your blog for search engines, maybe it works great for you; it guides you along the way. However, for me, it’s screwing up my other things. Pinterest, for example, will no longer follow the ALT value if you choose to Pin an image to your account, and there is no way to disable it. I’ve hated Yoast from the start, and using it for the first time only makes me hate it more. The grade shit only annoys me beyond necessity, and once I sort out how to add Open Graph meta tags manually, the plugin is being removed from the installation. I like using as few plugins as necessary, and…

eh, Yoast is just fucking up everything for me, so it can go. I found a tutorial I will be following.

My rule of thumb with plugins is to use manual code where possible, because I rarely need all the features plugins use, and I dislike having to rely on others for plugin updates, which typically add features I don’t even want.

circa 7-9pm

I went back and worked on the post for the event, only that’s two posts—because I’m writing one for Charlise, too. I wound up starting a load in the laundry, because I’m about two weeks overdue on laundry… I have been low on energy lately.

Additionally, I’m looking for ways to simplify my online life, starting with my domains. I have too many and want to decrease the number to at least ten. I really want a .nu domain, as I have for quite a few years now, and decided I could host many of my projects there as subdomains. The four-character .nu domain (seven characters if you include “.nu” to the count) is still available and has been for three years now, so that’s awesome.

(Yes, I’ve been watching it.)

circa 9pm to present

I typed this. >.> I’ve had an off day, but meh. Second load of laundry is in, I’m really hot, and I could do without this blahness.

How was your day? 🙂

P.S. A Day in the Life is a series linkup hosted by Georgie.

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Comments on this post

I’m with you on manually coding! So many people rely on ready-made things that “do it for you”. How will you ever learn anything if the software does everything for you!?

But I’m so shocked to find someone who has a problem with Yoast! Every other WordPress person I know praises it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. o_O I’d really love to investigate this further.

Right? And when there wasn’t a plethora of resources, everyone had to code everything by themselves.

Haha. :p If you have questions or want to investigate further with me, I’m open to email. 😉

But yeah… Yoast, Genesis, Bootstrap—I can’t stand those, and I’ve read articles by people defending the software, and all article basically says, “It’s easier,” they simply take 10 reasons and/or over five hundred words to get there. But the problem with letting software do everything for you is that, if something goes wrong, you have to rely on whomever coded it, or find someone else who can do it… you never really learn to fix these things by yourself. The same way knowing how to perform small fixes on household things saves money, knowing how to fix website stuff saves money—and also allots you full control over your site. As a result of this outsourced, do-everything-for-me stuff, we now have people throwing around <p> in place of <br /> and people thinking they need to spend tons of money on software to do things for them they could easily do themselves if they just, you know, learned to do it themselves.

Same but different: With more people using Instagram and camera apps on their phones, it seems like more people are unwilling or even afraid to try manual photography.

Do you have any articles or resources on doing SEO without Yoast?

Ah, yes!

I don’t, but have considered posting about it with the tips I do have. ^^; I had articles written and posted to contributor sites, but those are all dead links now. 🙁

LOL Your day sounds like most of mine – I’m definitely more of a night person. Sadly, I’m starting a new job soon which means that I’ll have to become a day person. I hope that you’re able to pick up some rice milk – my Mom and I have switched to soy milk as she’s lactose-intolerant. I’ve never gotten into the TCGs – it may be because I’ve not found one that captures my attention. LOL It seems everyone is wanting to minimize the number of domains that they own and I want to pick up another one. ^^ I hope that you’re able to get the .nu that you’ve been watching. As for my day…it’s been pretty uneventful as usual. I’ve a feeling that the new job will change things though.

I think it’s so interesting how so many different people function better at different points throughout the day. I am not a night person at all! i’m up at 4:30 a.m., and asleep by 10 or so. So is my husband and even the dog. Sunbather sandwich??? YUM! Did you find the sunflower seed clusters I sent you the photo of? As for the Pasta Sides, we love those too…and like someone else said the water makes no different. We always use water since Keith is lactose intolerant and I don’t like milk! 🙂

A Sunbather sandwich sounds…questionable? 😉

And yes, I do find such interesting! Actually, schedules as a whole are interesting to me.

I haven’t been to a health(y) food store in a bit, and I keep forgetting to look for them whilst I’m out. :s I do still have the text, however—and I’ve not forgotten!

I’m probably going to just use water, to be honest. I did find some sunflower seeds at the bottom of the fridge, though, so sunflower seed milk is an obtainable option, now, but… we also lack space in the fridge for it? :p So just water is what I decided earlier. Now I just need the energy to make it. :p I don’t like dairy milk, either… I’m lactose intolerant and allergic to milk, but even without that, I can’t tolerate the flavor. It’s too strong, or… I don’t know what is the deal. >.<

It must be really hard arranging your life around allergies. I’m lucky and am only allergic to cats, so mine’s pretty easily avoided ( did have to miss out on a few get togethers at friend’s houses though but still okay). Hopefully it’s not overly bad for you.

I can’t believe you have so many domains – I struggle to maintain one! Good luck sorting those

That’s no good that you have not been sleeping so well at the moment. I hope that things will improve and you can have some kind of good sleep!

It would be so difficult with having allergies and just trying to eat something ‘normal’. It’s easy to take food for granted when you don’t have them and don’t have to think about it. So reading this really makes me think about how hard it is for you. Even though it is difficult, it’s good that there are options out there. I am sure that has changed and will hopefully continue to change so there are more options for you!

That’s great you have been working on the site. For some reason I could never get into the TCGs. I think they are cool though! 😀

Hopefully you can minimise the number of domains you have. I really want to do this as well. Or try…. hahaha. I hope you can get the .nu you want. 😀

My day was pretty good. I managed to get a number of things done. Just waiting for the gloss on my floor to dry…. hurry plz.

Some of those Pasta Sides can still taste decent if you just use water and a bit of vegetable oil or butter substitute.

It sounds like you’ve run into situations where you were milk-less. :p We have, and I use, butter… I think I did make one using butter and water, but it had a different texture to it that I didn’t like. .-. I have to be careful with vegetable oil, because… eh, what exactly is that? It could be soy, legumes (peanut), or something else. 🙁

Thanks, though! I forgot about this. XD I might actually do that for at least one of them if I don’t get my hands on rice milk soon, because I want one. :/