My domainography: a breakdown of my domains

Jenni did this, and I figured it would be an interesting something. This list is only for what I remember.

Domains owned: 34

Domains by extension:

  • 4 .com
  • 8 .info
  • 5 .me
  • 2 .net
  • 10 .org
  • 2 .pw
  • 3 .us

Number of 1 word domains: 13
Number of 2 word domains: 17
Number of 3 word domains: 3
Number of acronyms: 1

Average domain length: 8.060…61
Shortest domain length: 3
Longest domain length: 14
Most common domain length: 6

Number of hyphenated domains: 2
Number of numerical domains: 1

Number of webhosts/registrars: 4

Current domains in use/my possession: 13
Active domains: 7
Upcoming domains: 2
Redirected domains: 4

Domains purchased for another: 7 (it’s good karma, I think)

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That is really cool! :*