Domain sabbatical: no more new domains

By the time I am finished decreasing my project load, I will own only ten domains.

I currently own about twenty.

I’m adopting out, considering finding a bigger abuse awareness organization to team up with for my Abuse Aloud project, and going to use a .nu domain for my random projects.

I’ve spent 2015 brainstorming what exactly I want to achieve and do with Abuse Aloud, and I realised the current website is not it. The buttons are great; many people use them, as I see them on all these random websites. Like, that is so amazing and makes my heart flutter, and I can’t stop myself from reaching out to those people and thanking them for linking to AA. Now, though, videos are on the rise. I would really like to aim for video and photograph campaigns that create a more chilling effect. I want subtle, yet haunting, stories choreographed into mixed media.

Talking about abuse makes people feel uncomfortable, which, quite sadly, contaminates abuse victims’ minds into keeping quiet, because they’re shamed and shut up. The ultimate goal with AA has always been to get people talking about abuse. Right now, it’s just a static site. Those who are being abused can’t visit it out of fear their browsing history is being checked/monitored. I want to find a way to help those people without it being too triggering for me.

Even though lard has threatened me via one of my expired domains before, I’m going to let some expire within the next few years. I’m done fighting to keep my name protected just because my abuser still wants to control me.

I don’t really need multiple name domains.

The gist of my domain name clear out (sans a few domains):

  2. (?)
  5. → will soon redirect to a currently private domain name until all emails to domains stop, then all but may be let go.
  6. → URL shortener with; redirects to
  7. (adopted out to Jenna)
  8. & projects → .nu; will be adopted out circa 2017.
  9. → will soon redirect to new, totally unique blog name not matching someone’s business name[1. Oops!] for a year or two before being let go
  10. → NEED to export users for Kya, then will forward to Blog Matter
  11. (it was a 2-for-1 domain deal :l)

Unseen is the one I purchased that Jenna, Charlise and Charlise’s boyfriend thought was for a porn site. .-. I didn’t want to risk someone taking the  domain name and turning it into porn, as such has happened in the past, and I registered a domain sounding like porn in the process. #fail

If you want any of the crossed out domains, or know someone who may want one, let me know, and I’ll attach your/their name next to it and contact you/them when I’m ready to release it into the wild!

I’m going on a semi-domain name-purchasing sabbatical. Rules:

  • No buying domains just because they’re 98 cents or $1.
  • “Because I want to own it” is not a valid excuse.
  • Must be able to list 3 valid reasons registering the domain will be beneficial/worth it/necessary.
  • For every new hobby domain registered, the cost must be added to savings. In other words, double the amount of money is “lost”. Money added to savings from registering new hobby domains at the end of the year will be donated to FARE.
  • If I “must” register it because I “have to have it”, put cost in savings and donate to FARE at the end of the year.

I will probably add more as I find myself itching to buy another domain name, but it’s clear I have a problem. Domains are so easy to register; renewing them is where it starts to hurt. The rules are harsh, but I need to ground myself. I need to stop my addiction. At least donating it will result in more food allergy research and education[2. Do ya see what I did there? ;)]. I already broke up with hosting.

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Comments on this post

I remember when I used to own twenty! I have,… a few sitting there doing nothing or just redirecting include,,, and

I hope the TJG situation was OK, I mean I hope you weren’t to disappointed about having to move.

Take care xx

I like how you redirected to a category. :p That’s creative. XD

The TJG thing is really just a precaution; I’ve seen food bloggers slammed with lawsuits in the past for having similarities to other brands, similar to the problem I might have had with it, so I felt a need to change just in case, if only to be safe. :s

Thanks. :3 You, too. <3

I somehow ended up with 10 domains names now and I think that’s enough LOLOL. I used to only own about four, but then I just started to get more. Now that I have 10, I am not getting any more! Keeping up with 10 is already enough XD

If its not already taken, I’d be happy to take over #11.

It’s not! If you email me your NameCheap username, I can totally push it to your account. :3

I don’t think I’ve ever had more than one domain at a time. I had my old blog (, but then let it expire after it redirected to curls. I think having so many would actually trigger my anxiety. I didn’t see your food blog domain on there. Do you still have it?

I must have forgotten to add it. :s I have to change it again, though, because of trademark and me-not-wanting-to-get-sued reasons. 😡

I’ll get both domains added soon, nevertheless. c:

(It will be @ A Dash of Jane. I can explain why/more details via email if you want. :3 I have a post I will publish in January explaining everything.)

Having a lot triggers my will-I-be-able-to-pay-it-this-year anxiety, which I’m aiming to diminish by ridding myself of the domains I really don’t need/use. I’ve wanted a .nu domain since 2009, so I know that that is a must. After considering cleaning up 6birds and the amount of work I’ll put into my food blog, I’ve reconsidered my desire of owning anymore name domains to the point of deciding to, in the future, plan out a way for me to not own more than one name domain, if I must own one at all. I hate that I wound up having so many domains. D;

I thought I owned a lot of domains but wow… you totally outclassed me! I can see that you have multiple purposes for the various sites, and I like how you’re breaking them out or ensuring that there are purposes for each. Sabbatical could be a good break! 😀

You have so many domains! I used to have a few, but now I only have my personal one. (The work related ones don’t count… Right?)

20 domains?! That’s pretty impressive, but at the same time, overwhelming. I can’t imagine keeping up with even more than 1 domain! Good luck on the domain sabbatical.

A lot of them are redirects, many are static… I got, because I was hosting and have TCG projects, and I didn’t want to host people on 6birds anymore? Idunno, it made sense at the time. NameCheap had a lot of deals happening, too. :l I’ve also bought and sold a lot. I should have just put the money from selling them toward renewing current ones? And lard purchased in 2013 after I let it go and used it to threaten me, so since, I’ve been wary of letting domains expire. >.<

Out of curiosity, how do you find out about deals on Namecheap? I’ve always paid full price for my domain names.

Actually, though, I’ll unsubscribe after they have their discounted renewal deal, which usually happens every year and at the end of the year. It’s not always on the .me domains, but it’s so worth it for the others.

I’m subscribed to their newsletter and always check NameCheap Coupons for their current deals, which they have monthly. They also tweet about their deals, so I follow them there. Occasionally, they have tweet-to-win trivia contests you have to be quick to respond to… those are fun, too, and if you win, the cost of a regular TLD (e.g. com, .net, .org) is added to your account funds and can be used for anything.

I also check the site every week for some new deal they’re having. The text on the homepage changes often. Their .co domains are currently on sale for around $3.

I currently own six domains, but want to eventually take that down to three. I think owning seven or more would be a bit overwhelming for me, unless I had very serious projects in mind for them.

:s I never meant to own so many. It just…happened? It really is overwhelming. I’m trying to stop trying to do everything.