Eat, Love, Chill vol. 1

This here’s yet another attempt at a link love/roundup column that will probably be dropped before the end of the year because I suck at commitment — but it’s going to exist for now because link love.

Like cinnamon churro rice crisp treats.

Or how long things take.

Basics you can order from the comfort of your home.

Millennials pretending to be Baby Boomers? Pics ’cause it happened. I joined it.

Bath bombs are my new obsession. Here’s how to make fizzy ones. I also love making my own bath salts!

Moodpath: a virtual “mental health companion” that checks in thrice daily, at different parts of your day, based on your schedule — and allows you to log your moods & check for depressive episodes.

What have you been eating, loving and chilling to?

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