Mad Libs-style blog prompts from pop culture, puns, etc.

I’m super into pop culture references and puns. I find them humorous and a great way to express personality without going too “out there”, while also occasionally being cryptic as hell in a way that only those who know it will know (e.g. Degrassi references or calling myself a Gladiator/referring to Olivia Pope).

Mad Blog Prompts is a lovechild of that and Mad Libs. It’s a list, rather than a randomizer because I’m lazy and it’s a lot of work keeping up with one. Each prompt has a blank (or more) between brackets you’ll need to fill in, while also referencing popular songs, movies, books, sayings, etc. It’s a great list for anyone who blogs more casually (e.g. lifestyle/personal blogs), but mightn’t work well for you if you prefer optimizing your title with keywords and all that jazz.

  1. All roads lead to [noun]
  2. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you [past tense verb] and [past tense verb]
  3. Can’t stop this [thing] we started
  4. I came for the [plural noun], but I’ll stay for [noun]
  5. I’m not single, I have [noun]!
  6. In this taboo romance…
  7. It’s a beautiful day to [action]
  8. Keeping [pronoun] a secret
  9. Of [noun] and [noun] (try to use alliterative nouns)
  10. [Noun] and circumstance (reference; for added affect, choose a noun that rhymes with “pomp”)
  11. The seven [plural noun] of [proper noun]
  12. Surprise! I’m still [identifier].
  13. We bought a [noun]…
  14. Boots and [noun]
  15. It takes two to [noun like a verb]
  16. You can’t [verb] with us
  17. How to train your [noun, or adjective starting with a D then a noun]
  18. The fault in our [noun]
  19. Everybody hates [name/noun]
  20. Say something I’m giving up on [thing]
  21. How to get away with [thing]

It’s also a short list, but it is what it is. Do you have any to add? 😊

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Love this list! Thanks for sharing these wildly fun prompts.

Here’s a few of my own:

The Lord of the [plural noun]

“And when I felt like I was an old [noun] under someone’s bed, you put me on and said I was your favorite”

The Case Book of Sherlock [last name]

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